Master and Servant 2D Entry: Marko Cvetkovic


Marko Cvetkovic has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: Two Color Schemes

I’ve posted another color scheme this one is more evil like - black red… Thou I didn’t colored it (just tweaking color intensites, I honestly don’t like much how it turned out), but I like the emotion it holds… Well, be hursh, brutal and honest :slight_smile:


Ohh and so it started my First Public Contest is at hand::~~!!

Well, here it is, my first rough scratch (not the art concept, just the characters I’ll use on the picture) ,(thou i did it with the mouse in photoshop, so it’s not good looking)… It’s not final I just did it to see, how it would look like…
The story is simple, there are 2 kids (aka Masters) playing with their favorite toys (aka Servants), and in all that childhood inosence, they spawned (within their imagination, and out in the real world) their toys (I mean Servants), a friendly oval robot, and a fire breathing dragon, witch have met “eye-to eye”. Let the battle begin!

So I hope you’ll like an idea, and I want to wish all of luck to all contestents - have fun, and good time!! :slight_smile:


Clever idea mate. Perhaps the dragon and Robot on top should be the other way round, to match the kids playing. And it’d be cool if the grand imaginings were battleing in a way only kids can dream. Good luck, I look forward to seeing it developed.


Nice idea… :slight_smile:


ful su genijalni, svaka čast majstore:D


Thank you guys!


Great concept & I like dragon :slight_smile:

Jel ces is stavljati onako oko stola i to…?

Good Luck!


lookin gud,looking gud indeed.


ABISHAI - Ne verujem ostavicu ih da leze na patosu, al cu da promenim poze zmaju i robotu, bice u nekoj borbi… Ma jebiga morao sam da formatiram disk… da ti ne pricam.

[color=yellow]NOOB - Thanks dude![/color]


super ti je. i meni se ful sviđa zmaj! keep it uuuup!!:bounce:


… promenjeno, nigde ne mogu da nadjem kako da izbrisem…



Here it is a second rough scratch. This is one point of view of many I have, one look at the battle the dragon and robot will fight… Hope you’ll like it… New coming up soon, stay tuned…:thumbsup: See ya!


Really liking the concept, and the second idea for the monsters is definitely better, though the robot looks a bit dumbstruck! Heh heh, I guess you would if you get scorched by a bigass dragon, though. Be interesting to see how you belnd the two scenes together…


I like your latest robot design better. It would be interesting to see the kids in the background, huge, their massive hands pointing and telling the little toys what to do.


dham…wish i had thought of that


Dragons & Robots! Coooooooooooool!!


Well, there’s no rule about that i think, but your idea is wayyyy similar to mine, well, good luck with your work dude ;), and i need to post some new stuffs in here, little time, and crappy sketches till now…


Nice idea Marko, hope to see more developement soon :slight_smile:


cool sketches. I really like the design of the robot.



Now here it is second rough skratch of the battle. I havent got much time (damn exams) and it’s really painful (for left mouse button as well as for my fingers) drawing without the pen drive, but I just wanted to do some more points of view of the dragon-robot-fight.

Thanks a lot for the comments