Master and Servant 2D Entry: Malachi D. Maloney


haha !! it 's becoming great man :slight_smile:


It’s looking fantastic!

keep posting!

cheers: Kornél


i think your doors’ a li’l off in perspective, maybe add more highlights or shiny stuff on the monster, you know scaley stuff… i know your not done yet so yiu can just ignore me:) … overall, it looks great, your style works well with your image:thumbsup:


That’s a very good ambiance…nice colors and nice feeling!!:slight_smile: You can maybe add a red carpet on the staircase…and you should durts the stair…add some cracks and some breaks…

It’s looking good man keep going on this way!:thumbsup:


Thanks for the feedback folks! =)

I’ll keep all of your comments and suggestions in mind. I think the red carpet on the staircase is a great idea, actually something I’ve already been toying with.

The monster will be very shinny and covered with scales, bumps and all kinds of nasty stuff. Walls won’t only have cracks and such, but I’m also planning on wall papering the staircase and entryway with some kind of morbid print.

As you can probably tell, I’ve still got lots and lots of work to do on this. I’ll try to at least have a small update ready in a day or two.

Thanks again for the feedback, it’s much appreciated. =)

Take care,


realy cool idea and nice painting!:bounce: :thumbsup:
no crit for now.
i will wait to see ur next update.


Got a few hours to work on this tonight. Finished up the details on the girl, now on to the slave…

Thanks for the feedback, xric7. I really dig your entry too. =)

Thanks for lookin’,


Only a couple days left to finish the background and I’m already short on time. Oh well, I’ve come this far, might as well give it my best shot to finish on time. Here’s a 50% detail of the slave till then…

Thanks for lookin’,


ur detail is amazing!!:eek:
great work.:thumbsup:
good luck to u.:slight_smile:


Thanks for the well wishes, xric7. I’m gonna need it…

And let me congratulate you again on an outstanding entry. It came out just beautifully. =)

It would seem that my entry is not that attention grabbing to most folks, but as I said before… I’ve come this far, might as well stick it out to the end. Even if you and I are the only two people paying attention, xric7. :wink:

Thanks again for taking a second to leave some feedback, it’s very much appreciated. =)

Take care,


Started working on the bg. Just blocking things in at this point…

Thanks for lookin’. =)



Hey Malachi! Starting to look nice. :slight_smile:


Hey thanks, TeemuR. I appreciate you droppin’ back in to check out my progress. =)



maybe some shadows on the ground for your characters, overall its great!! thats one house i dont want to get into:scream: … great job dude & hurry! hurry!


I really like the feel of this one… in a creepy kind of way. It has the feel if a brothers grim tale.

At the moment, the light feels a little disconnected from the scene but I guess you will make thing tie in more with time. Actually, I quite like the way that the bg is flat like a stage prop.


Oh yeah, nice work on the beast. There is a lot of detail there but you havn’t lost the form or character of him. Nice and imaginiative too.


Thanks for the feedback folks. =)

I’m currently working on the background, lighting and shadows will definitely be added/tweaked. Should have another update ready in a few hours.

Thanks again for commenting! =)



I’ve done some more work on the background and I still have much work ahead of me…

I’m trying to figure out a way to intravenously inject my energy drinks in hopes they’ll keep me awake and working longer, but so far no luck… :wink:

Thanks for lookin’.

Another update’s on its way soon. =)



nice pic, i like the work on the lighting


Thanks. =)