Master and Servant 2D Entry: Malachi D. Maloney


Malachi D. Maloney has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: “Obedience Training”

“Obedience Training”

Here’s my final image. It’s as finished as it’s gonna get, considering how much time is left. I would’ve liked to do a more complicated pattern on the big rug (among other things), if time had permitted…

Anyways, I’m writing out my story now, should have it ready within the hour.

Thanks to those of you who stopped by and left comments and suggestions to show your support. I really appreciate it. =D

Thanks again.



Figuring out the basic shape and pose of the characters.


Adding details to the character sketches…


Here are the finished character sketches. Now it’s time to focus on the environment. I know I want something drab and grey, kind of Adams Family meets Tim Burton. The Slave will be crawling down the stairs to be scolded by the Master for chewing up her toy doll, which will be torn up and strewn through the house. Other than that, I’m just going with the flow. Probably go watch some Burton flix to get in the mood… Thanks for lookin’. =)


Wow, Thats a great entry, although i have one crit.

The back legs seem a little far out, they should be more underneath his bodt rather than hangin out, Hope this helps!!


The line art for the background is almost done. Just need to add some finishing touches… I was thinking about some weird little chairs sitting next to the door? Also want to add some candles and candle holders lining the inside of the staircase. Maybe add put a painting on the wall if I can fit it.

Thanks for the feedback J2XA. =)


Great entry, dude! Loving the style… Keep it coming, and good luck


Thanks for the encouragement, The Wizard. It’s very much appreciated. =)

Trying to find some time to finish up the line art, maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in a couple hours tonight after work…

Thanks again!



Pretty much done with the lines. Surly some things will change during painting, as they usually do.

Moving on to setting up my lighting and values… Hopefully I’ll have something more to show soon.



Hehe! Interesting stuff, Malachi! The monster looks so miserable under girl’s control! :smiley:
Please, do something to that door. It’s really painful to look at, unless you’re after some Alice in the Wonderland feeling. And gererally perspective is off a lot. Refering to the girl the horizon line should be much lower. However,I know you’re going to do some seriously nice painting job for this :wink: :thumbsup:


the distorsion perspective seems strange to me… but the idea is great :slight_smile:

like the design of the girl :slight_smile:


this is a great concept and a good sketch…however it seems that is an perspective error with the girl…she seems to me out of the perspective…

Good luck!:slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback folks. =)

TeemuR~ Yea, I’m kinda going with an “Alice in Wonderland/Beetlejuice” thing with the door. The perspective’s not off, it’s meant to be misshapen, same for the slanted slates that line the stairway and the way the stairs angle out towards the landing. Thanks again for the comments and kind words. =)

Neozoom~ See comments on distortion above. Thanks for commenting. =)

Fiolka Alexandre~ I think you might be right, see looks a little flat. I’ll try to fix that for sure.

Ok, hopefully I’ll have some more to show soon. Keep those comments and suggestions coming. =)

Take care,


HI Malachi. I am a really big fan! I can’t wait to see you start to color this!:thumbsup:

Master & servant


Finally got a few hours to do some work on this. Just setting up my values, lighting and color. This is in it’s very preliminary stages, still a lot of work to do…

Jpeg came out darker than the original. I’ll lighten things up next update to compensate for this.

Thanks for lookin’. =)


Thanks for the kind words Samuraikuroi. =)



Oh! The skull candle looks like something out of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge! Boy, I loved that game! The house looks great too! My only crit right now is that the figures don’t match the background. I don’t know why, but there’s the odd feeling that they don’t belong there. Probably because I’m thinking more towards Guybrush Threepwood-like characters.

All the best!


There’s a very nice mood in your scene created by the lighting great work


Hi, good environment in your small world, right attention with the arm
of the girl, go, go for the continuation. :thumbsup:


Hey what a cool design, good luck