Master and Servant 2D Entry: M Grant Hillier


M Grant Hillier has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Conjuring the Storm


Thanks everyone for helping through this one. Wa-hoo, digital painting #2 under my belt! Yay! I promise I won’t wait till the next challenge to do painting #3 (gotta try to get better before the next challenge! Too much damn talent to compete against, LOL)

Good luck to everyone. It’s been fun.



first of several concepts I’m playing around with. this one shows a huge cyborg giant being attended to by servants or worshipers. still mulling around with the backstory for this one.


thinking about some kind of religious pilgrimage… the meditating monk and the attending novice being ignored in the bg. Strange how some who search for ‘enlightenment’ choose to devalue those closest to them - in this case, the servant girl.


this one involves a blind cleric or wizard (completely stark raving mad, of course) who uses his feathery host of ravens to ‘see’ for him.


another idea I’ve been playing with… here, a wizard displays his power by conjuring a storm. the child learner is awed and frightened by such power and cowers (ironically, he hides from the storm, and not the one who summons it… ah, silly, stupid humans)


great scene,very expressive!


i like the last one, i like wizards, love fantasies artwork, but whats with the grasses on the left of the image? what compo are telling us? anyways, :slight_smile:



good luck ~Grant:thumbsup:
i’m looking forward to see your next step.


hi my bro…
really special thing to see you again in an other challenge…
your sketches are really good like everytimes…all of theme have a perfect deepness…i really liked all of theme, i’m curiousing about which one will you choose…

good to being in the same challenge…bro…

good luck…:buttrock: :buttrock:


anil tells about you a lot to me :slight_smile:
good luck man!:bounce:


looks great man. really like the sketches. looking forward to seeing some more.


thanks so much for the kind words folks. I think I’ll post one, maybe two more concepts and choose one to work on.

eclipson: the grasses in the foreground (on the left) are there for two reasons 1) to balance the composition and 2) to guide the eye into the painting, carrying the viewer thru the grass to the wizard & pupil and over to the distant gathering clouds on the right. But if you have to ask, maybe I’m not doing things right, ha ha ha. Any ideas?

anil6tr: great to hear from you again, brother! thanks for your generous comments. looking for your artwork in this challenge too!


Ohhh, these are all awesome. My favorites are the pilgrimage scene and the storm summoning. Not sure which one out of the two, although the storm is clearer in the story it tells. Best of luck in the challenge! :slight_smile:


u junkie! excellent sketches dude , great feeling in all of them


thanks squibbit! great to see you in this challenge… have you chosen from one of your many concepts yet? Looking forward to seeing which you’ll develop.


yea of course…erhm … well , going with the knight and squire setup, but I’ll
probably be posting some extra concepts anyways :smiley:


really nice sketches… that final concept is a keeper, Like the idea of the storm brewing, and I think the idea that the girl is hiding behind the stronger actually makes a lot of sense. He is the more powerful of the two and she believes he will protect her from the storm.

What would be nice is some kind of foreground particles like leaves, or blowing dirt/dust. this could show that some kind of force is growing from the source and not just shown by the clouds in the distance. Could be an option?


Nice. I really dig this piece (conjuring the storm). It has a nice compostion and mood. The grasses and the clouds really gives that coming of the storm and sets the mood of the piece. So i think the grasses work at the foreground. The gestures of the characters works for me.

Just watch out for tangency with the characters and the grasses at the foreground. One suggestion is to maybe use leaves flying around to really feel the strenght of the wind blowing.

Goodluck :thumbsup:


Hey great sketches and really a lot of energie in them!!!(not so original,I know:D )
Love the last 2 ones!!!
Good luck and loads fof fun espspecialy!!!


number 4’s my fav love all the angles though :slight_smile: