Master and Servant 2D Entry: Luis Nuñez de Castro Torres


Luis Nuñez de Castro Torres has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: final image

I changed a bit the colors: less magenta, a bit of desaturation and more green on the lower part of the reflection…

It’s Finished!


good luck!!


Here is my concept. The idea is to show a person walking by the street like some kind of marionette without live, and only in the wet floor we could see the reflected image of the creature that controls the human body.


A little sketch of the master


Whoa! Way cool idea. very fresh. I hope you continue on this.


Here’s my linework, It’s quite rough but it serves only as a reference to paint over.
The idea is the same that I said in the concept: The servant is the person, and the master only could be seen in the reflection on the wet ground. Maybe the master is some kind of extraterrestrial mind controller… They’re here!


hmm, good concept! go on!


A first approach to the color. I think that I’ll use a “realistic” palette of colors instead a more dramatical and darkness one to give stranger feeling (by contraposition) to the reflection of the master. Of course still left darker tones


Hey, that’s a good start. Goodluck with it. I’ll check back later.



I have cut off part of the image to keep focused the reflection of the master, and some paint too


Thanks for dropping by my thread. Just a small suggestion, how about bringing the person closer to the camera so we can see a little bit of facial expression. It would be nice to see how you portray the lifeless of the servant. Oh and personally, i kinda like your old composition, the more vertical one. It’s a little bit more balance and intersting to look at.



Another step in the painting. I don’t know if I’ll keep darker the top of the buildings.


I have defined more the street and the monster. I’m thinking on changing the colors of the street but not the reflection to give more contrast between them, some advice?


Arc80, thanx for your suggestion but if I get closer to the servant then the reflection won’t be visible. Maybe I could did another composition with the same idea, but now I haven’t time to it, I wish I can finish this one!


Hmm… a little bit more details on the walls and some props on the street would give it more atmosphere. Right now, it looks like they just did a street cleaning :smiley: Add more character to your environment. As for your creature, desaturate it a bit, because its a reflection on the water, and the clouds too. The human looks fine, i think. It sorta adds more mystery by not seeing her face. Keep it up dude.



good luck…


weryyy niceeeeeeeee…


I add some photographic textures in the walls, change the color in some zones, and I been working in the servant figure


Detail of the servant


Thanx Dekal!
Arc80, you got reason about the street, too clean, I have to add garbage, something in the walls… And about the reflection I’ll do some changes in it when the painting has more definition, I think I don’t desaturate it but darken