Master and Servant 2D Entry: Linda Bergkvist


About your computer… it’s too sad that you lost some of your work… great lost 4 you, and great lost 4 the CG community… However, you haven’t made your greatest works yet!


There was no contest in you winning the Grand Prize - absolutely none whatsoever.
From the bottom of my heart, complete congratulations on winning and on creating an excellent piece of Art. :slight_smile:


Congrat’s Linda! You really deserved to win, you worked so hard on this piece and the idea is also truly brilliant! once again congrat’s :slight_smile:


Hey Linda!

I´m happy you won.
Love the piece and the style, you already know!



:bowdown: u r the great insprition.:bowdown:



Congratulations! A well-deserved win if there ever was one. Onwards and Upwards!!


Yay, Linda! You won the contest!!! (does a little victory dance for ya… which you probably don’t want to be seeing, LOL) I’m sooooo happy you won this one… you certainly deserve it. Congrats!

Lookin’ forward to the next challenge and more wonderful art from your talented mind! Please let us know when you post anything new… I’m dying to see more! Oh, and thanks SO MUCH for your helpful input on my entry. I really appreciate you taking time to encourage me.



Yay and horay! All hail Linda, the Queen of CG! Cheers and aplause
Congratulations, I know that you heard this a thousand and one times but your work is amusing and is a great inspiration to me!^^ Ah, and by the way, I knew from the start that you would win, mwahahhan! Disappears with a smoke bomb


Heartiest Congratulations :slight_smile: …for all the hard work you put in and for the flying colors with which you win :smiley:

take care and all the best with the material you lost on that hard drive…



This is awesome news!! Congrats!!


Congrats Linda! What an honor it must be for you to come out on top with the TON of absolutely outstanding entries. But in the end there can only be one winner, and you certainly deserved it. I’m curious now to see what you do with all the stuff you won and also what you’re next piece will be.

Again, congrats.


Fantastic artwork Linda, congratulations on winning…you’ve inspired me to have a go at the next challenge myself. Many thanks



It enchants your style to me, your works are a pain that are not reality, so far I am satisfied to the fantasies that cause to me!


this is realy awsome work. im watching you from deviantart. you have wery impresive style.


HI, he looks amazing to me, really cool characters:thumbsup:


Hey Linda, you’ve depicted very classic the ideea, I like it…and I would be very courious 2 know ur tehnic of painting…good job…u worked hard!..BV!!


Linda,ur work is so good~~~~~~~~~~~because my poor English,can’t ask u too much question,but I really like ur word,it’s so amazing,and u r so nice:thumbsup:


i found this tread only yesterday… … this is the best digital painting i’ve ever seen,and i really like the concept too… simply perfect.:slight_smile:


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