Master and Servant 2D Entry: Linda Bergkvist


I knew it! I knew it! It was so clear! Congratz Linda! this is a very linda image! I would love to see a radical image soon, something not that realistic so that the people that think U re copying just shut up… If you have a few minutes, would be great to recieve some critiques about my entry:
I want to imrpove it, I know it is 3D, but for example, I was inspired by the way you use lights… Thanks, and waiting for more Linda’s marvels!


You earned this fair and square with extraordinary effort born out of your love for art. Congratulations on your overall win with your truly inspiring submission!


linda = beautiful in Spanish, :D, lol.

You start doing any more radical painting, and you’ll have to be held responsible I tell you. :eek:


no surprise !:thumbsup::wise: your entry are my no.1 2d entry , congratulation! linda! hope to see you again in the next one !


hehe…Congrats LinDa…No surprizes hEre…fRom tHe first mOsT kNew you would wIn:thumbsup::thumbsup::applause::applause::applause:


congratulations, you deserved every ounce of it!:slight_smile: ps…thx for the special tutorial…


Congratulations, Linda! Thanks for sharing your process and image with us!



To Heliodor: No, i am not kidding, but after 90 pages of WOWs and contest winning I dont see a reason to prove something.

To Taron: hehe, it was funny to read your stupid and lame comments :slight_smile: I’ve actually heard you are rude and impolite person, so now I know it for sure. I didn’t say any offensive word about this picture, I can prove every my word, so I don’t understand why are you so angry. Looks like you drink too much coffee and you should visit neuropathologist if you so roughly react to criticism. Your stupid words about comparing Linda art and Rembrandt made me laugh :slight_smile: I am sure Linda art will never appear at more or less serious art exhibition not to say to be near Rembrandt. And what do you know about Rembrandt? Have you ever saw his art? What do you know about traditional art at all? I’m sure you have no idea about art, otherwise you wouldn’t say such rubbish. Draw your sketches and model your monsters but dont try to be more clever than you are, because its funny to read :slight_smile: Hehe, know-all :slight_smile:
P.S. I definitly advice you to visit your psychologist, because to think a lot about somebodys masturbation is abnormal. Hehe, sexologist :slight_smile:


Congrats Linda!! Finally your hardwork pays off :slight_smile: & I’m so glad for you too. You need not prove anything to those who sees differently from you, because the results & everything here already answered them :slight_smile:

And wow… new powerhorse for you, hope you’ll continue creating more beautiful artworks for those who loves them.




Linda congratulations on a well-deserved piece of art. As beauty,elegance,style and execution this is probably the best artwork that this site has ever seen.
The best thing about all your prizes is you get painter IX. It is time to see what you can really do with this digital medium. What you have accomplished with P.S. is amazing.

Do not read negative posts. They are hurt children with low self-esteems and no-one to feed their egos. Remember with great power comes great responsibility!


Quoted for agreement :wink:

Congratulations Linda. You are an amazing artist and the cutest one alive :love:
Sorry about that :smiley:
Well deserved and just in time after your computer crash, all riiiiiiiight?



Quoted for agreement :wink:




Thank you :hides: Everyone’s kind words are greatly appreciated. For those who don’t know, I had a massive harddrive burnout last week and I lost everything I had on that hd, which is pretty much all my material except for most of the images for the challenge, as well as the images for my book and two commissions. The rest is gone. This really cheered me up though, when I thought pretty much nothing would. So once again, I am beyond grateful and happy and if I could gather you all up in one big, warm and fuzzy hug, I definitely would <3

And please, let’s not get into any more arguments in here. I’d prefer it if we didn’t reply to comments like those: it just riles everyone up and everything turns into a shouting match… not a fun outcome for the thread. It happened earlier, I’d hate for it to happen again. If someone doesn’t like my work I’m fine with that.


Linda, you better buy an extra HD once you get your Boxx!
Use that as your back up, and I’m sure the BOXX will come with a (dual layer) DVDburner.
You better back up your stuff girl or I’ll get mad, grrrrrrrrr…




Congrats, Linda! I had a FEELING you’d win (no, not because I was stalking the judges…)
and win you did! Hope you enjoy your brand new amazing shiny computer and make plenty of backups.
Once more, congratulations. You deserve the prize, so you do! :thumbsup: :scream:


as expected!.. I’ll nuke the judges if you didnt win hehehehe… anyway, though i know my reply will be buried under the thousands of replies, I’d say CONGRATULATIONS!!


you done it and we all knew it :slight_smile: congratulations on your award!
and pleas backup all and everything from now… hopefully you’ll never loose any data again!


Congrats, you deserve it, enjoy the prize AND paint some more for our pleasure :D:D:D:buttrock:


just wanna congratulate u linda,welldone!u did an extraordinary job yet again