Master and Servant 2D Entry: Linda Bergkvist


Totally…it symbolizes that you are NOT suffering from low arrousal! :thumbsup:





So I have read this entire marathon of a thread…well most of it. And mostly, because I am an aspiring digital artist, I wanted to see Linda’s process, and I’m hoping I will learn something from the way she works. I’m certainly inspired!

I would also like to say that I see nothing overtly sexual in the positions of Nature and Humanity. I see a perfect mother-child relationship. Nature, the mother, is there to support her child, who in her absolute submissive and completely trusting posture, knows that Nature will catch her no matter what she does. There is not even any question, so it’s not even trust. To have trust, you must have doubt, and humanity has no doubt. She has simply given herself in to the arms of Nature, even though she is simultaneously destroying it. Nature looks a little bit unimpressed but still supportive, the way any mother would be with a somewhat wayward child. She has no other choice.

I am quite impressed by this image, the realism and fantasy of it, the composition is very good and I do prefer it this way, I thought it looked a little awkward flipped the other way.

In conclusion, an outstanding piece of work and deserving of every little post on this thread, good and bad :slight_smile:


CONGRATULATIONS LINDA! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: If im not mistaken this is your first contest?? What a brilliant entry and win!

Enjoy the BOXX!! Hope this will stop the crashing curse ure having!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Congratulations Linda !
We all knew that you would win ! Your work is so amazing and beautiful that it let us speechless…


Ok with the result… you’ve done an another masterpiece Linda… congratulations for your incredible talent :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Just dropping by in the thread to, once again, say thank you - I’ve been in near-tears ever since I found out, and I’m still shaky: I’ve never won anything before. :bounce: !!

Thank you so much for the support, the help, the kind words - thank you to the people who hate the piece, too, you’ll make me try even harder the next time around.

Those of you who haven’t emailed me for the tutorial at yet, please do so. If you have, but didn’t get the tutorial, please resend as I had a hard drive crash and the declining state of the computer apparently ate messages without me knowing.


Congrats :smiley:
Now you have a new machine on the way, hopefully no more crashes eh? :wink:


Congratulations linda, :slight_smile: deservedly get the Grand Prize. :thumbsup:


dat’s my first post in this thread

and you hadn’t even started yet




Hahah, that’s too funny :smiley:

Thanks again, folks <3


Just resent.
Thanks in advance.





Have fun with your Box, and remember to take photos :smiley: hugs


Congratulations Linda! You deserve it! It was amazing to watch your painting progress!


urbh…I just woke up :surprised,

which side of the lucid dream am I on now?

Aiee!!!:scream: well, you have definitely earnt it I tell you!!!
This piece is so amazingly beautiful, and all the details, keeps me staring at it again and again. :love:
Well, lol, my pc just got functional again yesterday, you think THAT might be a good sign for me? Going to save nature’s close to my desktop, haven’t seen anything like her in a long while. Especially now I can paint again, you’ve struck the nerve again :p.

I’m really happy for you Linda!!! With this topic and execution the reward will grow with time as people see it.



only just seen this thread (via the winners list!)

:eek: :applause:

stunning work Linda.
Great thought behind it too :wink:

Can’t wait for your next peice!


Oh, Linda, I had no doubt in my mind that you would win, yet now that you did, I’m surprised (I don’t know why). But anyways, I am so incredibly happy for you, and I know you must be bouncing off the walls (I may just start doing that soon too). You totally deserved to win and I hope you enjoy your new prizes.

By the way, I’m sorry to hear about your harddrive problems. Hopefully you didn’t lose any pictures and you’ll be up an running in no time with your new Boxx computer (that’s what it is right?) and software.

Congratulations Linda, you really, truly deserved to win. Great job!


I congrat you for this picture. It’s my favorite of yours but it deserves to be on the podium.


No doubt you would win, congrats Linda! Forgive my ignorance, but where’s the winners list posted?


Congratulations Linda, you’ve earned it.