Master and Servant 2D Entry: Linda Bergkvist


I’m in for this if it’s available here in asia… Nonetheless, I’ll be expecting more of Linda’s art book :scream: Best if there’s limited edition with Linda’s signature in it & things like that. :slight_smile:


I’m happy for you Linda, it’s a beautiful painting with simple layers which work.

Today, there’s alot of extremes in the visual media we see around us… commercials, movies, tv-shows, all try to tell a story and to make an impact on people, and often that’s done by over-the-top acting, or over the top facial/body expressions, even language is courser today to try to grab peoples attention. This is mirrored in alot of paintings, drawing and pictures, and the clearest example is the pictures drawn in comic books (except the style in daredevil by bendis, god that’s some good art).

With everyone trying to do something different with paint and often in the direction: just because photography + photoshop can do so much, thus paintings have to go even further, it’s incredible to see, not a retro-look into the past golden-age of life-like paintings, but actually a huge jump forward from that classical base.

It’s so delicate, and it finally works. You really have to take a breather, clear your mind from any expectations and look at it with a calm and patient manner, then you can see it for what it is: A bloomin’ great painting.

If I was a friend, and you would let me, I could probably still talk to you about symbolisms, item-location, story-elements, patterns and so on. But I am an admirer of your work, and I’ll be plenty satisfied with that.

And can you believe it, I learned something from this as well. You taught me how to approach criticism not with negatives, but with positives, and I’ll try to always keep that in mind when I want to give someone my input, or someone asks for it.

Of course I still see the 2 babes frolicking in the woods and going ‘master/slave theme know-wot-I-mean, nudge-nudge-wink-wink-say-no-more’, but the story you want to tell has become sharper, the symbolism is better.

Your painting style and attention to detail is wonderful, I expect the workprocess in that regard has reached it’s comfortable peak, and you can continue to develop your storytelling sense, which has already improved, as is clearly shown in the painting of the girl with the soul-mirror.

If you ever need a guys’ opinion on a painting, let me know. I can’t comment on if an item could be painted better, or what better colours to use, but I could tell you the ‘weyhey’ factor of a painting, and comment on the story element. If some painting tell a thousand word-story, this one speaks at least a close to hundred… forum pages… And you know I’m right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Glad to see that someone turned a leaf and started to comment in a more behaved and freindly matter.

This is a great image and nobody can say no to that, even if people see it in a sexually erotic way it’s still the best art since the rennaissance era…


I wouldnt buy this piece of junk if it was the only thing that stood between me and world domination!

Just kidding


methinks thou art allergic to feet, well thou hast drawn 4 of em here


Sorry to discover your thread only now… pure quality, as always… and certainly better… the mark of the art… nothing to crit inside your masterpiece, all is done for the pleasure of our eyes… and certainly also for the pleasure of our minds… thanks :applause:


I have read this thread…yes all pages!..wheeeewwee.

I see a delicate beauty , delicate that can change into fury in minutes.
Nature is sweet and soft like a spring rain, drops of pure clean water that clean the leaves.
Nature is warm, hugging us in warmth turning into hot blistering ray`s that turn the leaves to brown and grass to straw. Nature lashes out in whipping winds that tear the limbs from trees…

I see that in your Natures eyes and in her pose. Bold, secure, magical. In her hands life and death lay so close together. The grip she has on the human is without hesitation she knows that she is in controle. Her hypnotic eyes are telling the human not to with stand her because she will always win.

The human looks like a child looking up at the sun and feeling the warmth. appreciating every ray, maybe even feeling a spring shower, warm and cleansing. The blood on her hands represent the fight against nature. We humans try to free the land from floods and terrible winds that flatten our homes…do we ever win ?

I could go on and on…In this painting I can see so many life issues, issues between nature and civilisation.

Thank you for one of the most beautifull paintings I`ve seen in a long time.



Linda You Got It Man…you Have To Win


Very nice painting ! Not the type i like usually but this one rocks ! I think it’s great to be forced to like something :slight_smile:


I keep coming back :applause:


If you have a turkish friend, ask her/ him this sentense s mean…


amazing work!!
BRAVAAA!!! :applause: :applause: :applause:


is this picture the best art since the rennaissance era?
is this a joke? :slight_smile: otherwise you should learn art A LOT. I repeat - A LOT! and again - A LOT!

BTW I almost sure this unoriginal, unweighted, badly compositioned, departed from a rules picture is painted over photos, that is actually unfair regarding other artists.


Magnificent picture. Good classics, the ones that drew are good and exquisite, the color is very beautiful too :bounce:


I love it ! You’re so good !:thumbsup:


I’ve been meaning to say something ever since I stumbled across this thread, but because I have the desire to say something very specific, that I generally almost hate when anyone brings this sort of thing up I simply didn’t know what else to say…so here it goes. I’m having my head down when I say that slightly ashamed: This is probably the best image I’ve seen on CGtalk… …I mean, I really mean it. It gives me the freaking chills. Even my sweety is blown away. …alright, just to be save let’s say the best 2d image I have seen on cgtalk. And no matter what, thank you for creating an experience, Linda! It truely is one!

(just to geek it up a little…you understand)



I agree with Taron on this one. Incredible!!!

You know, I wonder if there’s a possibility of getting this blown up and framed. I’d love hang it at home. My wife loves this one too, and she really doesn’t care much for digital art.


You are kidding my friend! Aren’t you?


Hey Helio, you should not feed the trolls. It’s sad scum with issues we are not able to resolve, although I think people should consider mapping those trolls’ brains for science. It might prevent a lot of unneccessary violence and other forms of anger and suffering (damn you Lucas). :wip:
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Now, let’s see if I get slapped for that one…hihi…just woke up and foresee mild trouble. Anyway…it’s fun at the moment to release a bit of my anger against these little ass$#()s and I’m somewhat uncounseled in regards of how to deal with these fools, but someone needs to be an inspiration for them anyway. Although I must say, it kind of feels like this guy is a purposed joke not unlike the new little skid in the theaters around LA, demonstrating the distraction of cellphones by really simulating one to go off in the audience so believable…it’s brilliant, yet it could piss you off for no real reason if you didn’t get it. I still hope these guys are just these type of jokes.


Holy cow, I read a little bit into the thread and can’t believe what discussions you guys had already. Smartasses, man…when will these folks get a grip on themselves. HAHAHA…I’m sad and entertained at the same times. The freaky thing about some smartasses is, that they have almost manipulative qualities to them. Weak people could fall for their wrong leadership of opinions. I’m a bit lousy in reading too much when I havn’t had a coffee, yet, but as for the master and servant theme, which got debated down there for this image, I believe it is voluntarily or not voluntarily brilliant, because it is kept a bit open, who’s to be master and who’s to be servant. But not really for the spectator, but rather for the girl in the image. It seems like she’d be unaware of what she is towards nature. In fact all of nature’s little things appear to be oblivious to their own function. So if somebody wanted to have fun analysing this image for meaning and symbols, I think it should lead to a fascination of how beautifully it comes across, that humans are just like all the other animals unaware of who they really are to nature. And this picture allows you to interpret despite it’s rich detail and appearant variety of pretty much clear forms. Because if I look at this image it feels to me as though the human is a decadent ditz, drunken from it’s careless arrogance falling into the arms of the intelligent, awake and alert servant, who can’t find a way to make his powers work on these fools.
It has depth it has intention and it has marvelous skills and deeply anchored beauty all in the very meet of image and not just it’s make-up. I’m sitting here still numb from late nights not having had my coffee, yet, and still I enjoy even thinking about the image and knowing that I take sides with a stunning artist, who makes her work rise above worries about her ways of how to make them. I don’t care what she does, but her results are unique, riding on the razors edge to kitsch by stealing all of it’s beauty but eliminating it’s ridicule. Between Rembrandt and Kinkate you’ve got Enayla smack in the middle…hahahaha…but with imagination that goes beyond both of them. She persues motives with content and her vibrating heart is found all the way into the mist of each image. I’m always delighted to see pretty much anything she does…you should go see the daily sketches. But it won’t save you any money on car insurrance… …ARR…I hate TV.
I’m nullifying all I’ve said by indicating boarderline insanity, I know…ah well…I’m making coffee now.


splendid idea, dunno why it hadn’t come to my mind, but that’s just
what i need right now, I’ll make some too.

BTW, funny thing, a girl just like that ‘mankind’ in the pic I saw
in a bus not week ago, no straws in the hair that I saw, but
so strikingly similar I immediately made the connection.
I think she smiled at me, very pretty.She left a stop before I did.
You think that might be somehow symbolic to something in a way ?