Master and Servant 2D Entry: Linda Bergkvist


Group hug! :slight_smile:


Group hug!

:smiley: LOL!

let’s continue trying to be great artists, not great “arguers” hehehe


sigh one just cannot get a decent fight anywhere nowadays…


I’m happy to not participate at the 2D challenge I would have surely lost, there’s no doubt.
Anyway Amazing image, and great work. the environnement is kind, calm, poetic. :thumbsup:



I’ll take you up on that!


Look Linda…I brought maltesers…:thumbsup:


congratulations on a great final piece! i really really liked the direction you were taking with the last few updates. the flip was very good, the clockwise story thing was a great idea. most of all i like how they added so much more life to the faces. i only wish you would have taken it even further, since honestly they still look a bit dead to me. or maybe not dead perhaps, but you know, kind of plastic. something off the cover of vogue rather than… hmm… i don’t know any outdoorsy magazines… but i think you get the point… :slight_smile:

i would definately love to see you do more pictures with nature themes, since you do it very well. perhaps try with a more mature, maternal nature character.


I see the point, althought I don´t agree. Linda is a great artist and has got a self style. I won´t discuss about art and realism and details, there are so many artists you can look at… she´s got a great intuition for color, shape, technical, details, composition, balance… and she´s painting what she wants to paint, not just letting the thing go out of her brushes (if you can get the point with this poor english of mine).

Anyway, for future references, Belhaven, you should be more polite and find a better way to express your thoughts, not talking like you already know everything but like you´re expressing an oppinion. hey! My suggestion, of course.

and Linda, don´t feel anyway about this, it is just an oppinion, try to get the possitive thing out of this. Push your technical master to new paths if you feel like doing it and keep doing pieces (tons of them) and thinking on them. You´ve people that admire your work and people that want to guide your skills to their own path, people that probably won´t like the things you paint and so on… So keep your own way. you´re a great artist!!!

:thumbsup: peace and love!!!

edit: ups… I wrote without reading linda´s post… sorry!



live and learn, ain’t it?



Sooooo…how about that local sports team?..erg…whutta mess. :eek: Linda this seems to happen to you a fair bit. I hear it is common with uber talented people. Look at it as a bit of PR…? Not that you need it :slight_smile:

I only hope it doesn’t discourage you too much. Keep your vision and damn the rest! And what’s this that I hear about a new project? rubs hands together gleefully

Can’t wait to see it. Will you be aiming for this amount of detail again? Regardless, I wait with baited breath until it’s posting.

Again, great work on your M&S! It’s absolutely stunning.

Take care of you,


Me Dan Hueva (this Is Dull)


Is there a chance this will ever be available as a poster Linda? I’d definately buy one…


Is there a chance this will ever be available as a poster Linda? I’d definately buy one…
me too, me two


me three

no joke


I know that i’m not popular in the CGtalk forums, but here goes, so please read the following:

Well as i have seen there have been alot of arguments, but this a thread to post encouraging comments. This is not an argumentative thread, if you want to argue, go to argument threads and argue there. We all need to understand that this is a person just like us and she does have feelings like us. please be respectful and notice these feelings as of though you were commenting to yourself (maybe that last part made no sense, that happens alot when i write, but i think you got the gist of it)

And as said over and over, Linda you have a talent that people only dream and fantasize about, you should not be braught down by one person, so please keep your head up, we all know that you are much stronger and much smarter than what you think you are.


Btw… that poster idea is a really good one… imagine this piece as a poster… welll i’ll like in my bedroom or somewhere like that.


Simply an incredible work. How much more can you really improve on this. Every pixel is just so stunning in detail.


What can I say that hasn’t been said by the over 1000(!) coments you’ve had on this piece. Words like “wow” and “beautiful” don’t seem to be strong enough do they?

The look of ecstasy and submission on the girl as she gives herself over totally to Nature. The decay that seems to surround Nature when dealing with Man while also creating new life around it. Like a cycle.

You’re work has gotten more and more into a single style that screams individuality. I have a feeling in the years ahead they’ll be describing work like yours as being in the style of “Bergkvist”. Don’t know how much higher praise I could lump onto that. (just don’t let it go to your head…hehe).

And yes, if there were a poster of this, I would buy it!


COngratulations with your final entry, certainely one the most impressive work of the challenge!



I’m not going to be much liked just as many has expressed about Belhaven , but i’m going to say that I agree w/ 99% of his critiques. So I won’t go into the same things he said…without knowing the exact motives of the artist, it’s hard to judge completely where they wanted to take the piece, but in this case there are some things we CAN critique on.

Make no mistake, Linda can paint digitally w/ the best of them, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t room for improvement. BUT I THINK THIS IS WHERE I WILL STOP…b/c if i say anything else, I may end up bringing the artist’s mood down more.

I didn’t want to comment before because I don’t normally comment on anyone’s pieces that i didn’t feel a strong need to do so (especially b/c i decided not to enter this contest after some thought…i look forward to entering the next one, if possible.) But i did want to say that, it’s just part of a forum based contest. We as artists should be able to gain from criticisms and not take them as personal attacks. LINDA, you are a great artist and all artists are in a discourse community where we all respect and appreciate each others abilities.

Anyways, I’m not here to argue or put anyone’s favorite artist down, but from my days of learning in school and afterwards teaches me that Belhaven made a lot of correct observations (omitting those specifics that the artist intended to make.)

GOODLUCK TO ALL…there is truly a great group of artists in this Contest.


It isn’t so much of what he had to say, it’s how he went about saying it. You shouldn’t feel restrained in giving your critique, but you shouldn’t feel the need to be cruel. Critique is one thing, being a jerk is another.

Linda has taken criticism before, but I can certainly understand her being upset at someone being so harsh…when in fact he could have easily made all his points in a HELPFUL manner. Instead he sounds like an arogant and jealous jerk. It had the air of “oh, I could have done better than her” feel to it. Is that helpful?

Again, broken down his points and criticisms may have merit…but they’re lost in a sea of rudeness. And being rude really has no place in this medium. This isn’t American Idol where sometimes being rude to someone actually helps them in the long run for if they can weather the storm of boos and tough criticism, they could become better performers that don’t get rattled at the slightest hitch. But this is painting. Painting is a personal thing that you draw from inside yourself…then let others in and see what you’ve done. Linda being upset shows her to be a very feeling person, something that actually comes out on the canvas/screen. Why would she even want to pick up a brush again if someone is just going to go out of their way to be a total jerk to her?

Also Belhaven keeps refering to Linda and these phantom “reference models” that he sort of claims that Linda used to “cut and paste” everywhere. Where is the evidence for that? Could someone point me to the post that Linda stated that she was using reference photos? Or where she showed the photos she used? Or ANYWHERE that even hints that models were used? If she didn’t use any, then what “cut and paste” process is Belhaven refering to then? Should most of his criticism then fall apart if she didn’t? Again, I’m asking as I don’t know if she used them or not as the design process she took us all through shows many different sketches/paintings from different perspectives and different angles…something that “cut and paste” doesn’t come close to touching. Anyone?