Master and Servant 2D Entry: Linda Bergkvist


Wow! All I can say is this is very beautifull and very inspiring! You make me want to work harder. Good luck!


congratulation on ur final image.
very beautiful of the best here.
best luck in contest.


Very cool work. :thumbsup:


blah… ive seen better… cant remember where though lol linda i must say congratulations on finishing this monstruosity… i mean that in a good way:D


I’ve been tempted to praise this piece perennially throughout the course of it’s developement, but I figured there was a profusion of that in here

Now that it’s complete I have to give you props on an amazing finale. Inspirational would be a gross understatement

(Is struggling to locate his jaw)


Hi Linda

A wonderful image, it must be inspired by the northern light, femme fatales,
I will have to master Painter real soon, I’m hoping my sparrows took
flight before yours, a-ha

my m-s, The Hunchback,
comments welcome,

Jag bor i Stockholm, hej så länge


:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:, definitly the most beautifull rendered piece of em all! congratulations with your new computer:D


Linda, your too good! Your definatly coming out this competition with something! I really learned alot from watching how you create your amazing pictures. I Wish you the best of luck !


Congrats, Linda! Simply breathtaking work, here. Definately an award winner. I so enjoyed watching your painting process and feel like I’ve learned alot.

Good luck in the judging (as if you need it, phfft! :smiley: )



Linda, your feeling for color and material is outstanding. Fantastic pic.


I’m suprised no-one’s commented on this thread yet… :argh:

Gorgeous end result Linda! Deep and thoughtful. Something I think you do amazingly well is cloth; you give it weight and texture.

Can I borrow your muse for a while? I promise to give it back…

Edit: BTW, thankyou for the jolly nice things you said in my thread. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:


Nice Job Linda. It’s very perdy and I think we all know you will do very well. :wink:


Just want to say this is really a great painting, congratulations.


:eek: I study your all the time…Hope you will join the next contest. Great JOb Linda one of the greatest submission in this contest! To bad I could not submit mine, like my work would ever compare to yours…but good luck to you…holla!:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


amazing work linda,i wish to see u again in the next challenge,ur stuff just wouldnt stop inspiring me~welldone:thumbsup:


This (extraordinarily beautiful) painting relies on metaphore. It is difficult for me, and I am forcing myself, to see all of your (interesting) concept in the painting. Is the key to your work to look at it as of it were like the “Spring” by Botticelli, also a purely metaphoric painting, where the three (female) graces hold hands and dance extatically together, where flowers (like your birds) scatter the painting around the female figure of spring? I can’t help asking, what about masked nature, what is she masking/hiding, what about her embrace of humanity, what is the story being told in the seduction between the two? Do I see two beautiful women in a bucolic setting seducing each other with one rendering herself to the other totally and in a moment with the embrace lead to a kiss? Does this work with the metaphore of Nature and Humanity? Just a thought, or rather just a question. I understand your ideas and you are a very poetic and sensitive person with a brush that is the envy of all. Quite a combination. Your birds are painted with life (too bad they were painted into the background - take a look at Raymond Harris Ching’s birds in oil - he’s the best) and I think that a dead bird is perfect to complete the idea!

Good luck


Hmm… I would comment… but I wouldn’t know where to start!..

I’ll just say - good luck! I fully expect to see you on the podium! :smiley:


I think it would’ve looked a bit better as a winter scene …



hi linda!
thanks for this wonderful work
you’re my favorite artist

congratulations! goodluck


absolutley beautiful massive luck, but you dont need it. ; )