Master and Servant 2D Entry: Linda Bergkvist


Standing Ovation!..


It has turned out! Well done Class work :bounce: If I could vote-th most likely have chosen this work as the leader… I Am congratulated-see has not come to pass. :eek: It in all is good. I personally do not see lacks. It is a lot of advantages-very. And idea-remarkable. Besides work is finished up to greatest possible Qualities Gallantly! :thumbsup:


Congrats on finishing Linda! Beautiful work as always! Best of luck to you…so are you really getting this blown up to wall size? You will have to show us the pic of your wall once it’s up! :smiley:

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i’m just dropping by to remind you to put the ten-pixel robot in the pic


Congratulations on a very moving, inspiring and heart-felt creation. Fine art indeed.

Good luck.

My M&S:


This is now on my list of favourite artworks. Stunning …work Linda! I …love how every part of this piece has a meaning to it, the symbolism of the painting is well thought and well executed.

Again, stunning w…ork! I’m so glad to have been able to watch your progress through creating this.


Congratulations, Linda! You finished a wonderful picture - I agree, your best yet - and you even found a title for it too. Simply lovely work, and all your kudos are completely well earned and deserved! Way to go!



amaazingg linda…

:applause: :buttrock: :applause:


Absolutely breathtaking!!! Even when I think you can’t possibly do anything more to improve the picture, you come up with a new update that raises the bar even further. :eek:Fantastic! You are a great inspiration to us all:applause:


Well once again i won,t have any originality and just follow the crowd: absolutly beautiful and stunning work, may it be on the technical or symbolical side. The writting you added to it, the title, it all makes a wonderful piece in all aspect possible. And i curse myself for my lack of better words, as always.

I think it also reaches the top 3 of my favorite work of yours. The theme is a very noble and interesting one, very poectic too in a way, which touches me too. It was a great learning experience to see you work steps by steps and see this evolve from time to time and i thank you for sharing it with us. :slight_smile:

Your rest is well deserved, Linda, and i hope you did not exhaust yourself too much finishing it. I also agree with Elaeria that you will have to show us a picture of it once if it printed and on your wall. :smiley:


Excellent work Linda. Simply awesome… :applause:


Excellent! The leg looks 100% better–I can tell without a doubt that it’s hidden behind the fabric now. :]

I can’t imagine how frustrating this image must have been for you at points, but I can honestly say the final result is one of the most technically breathtaking paintings you’ve ever done–not to mention the idea behind it beautiful. :smiley: The movement, the swirling composition, the expressions and color and mood, the body language, the detail and the fabrics… perfect. This’ll be on my desktop for quite some time, I think.

Watching you work through it has been a learning experience for us all. You’ve really inspired me to put more into my own paintings. :smiley: When I look at the early versions and I realize at what stage I would have called it finished, and then seeing how far you pushed yourself…I’m stunned. Insanely proud of you for having the determination to take it this far, and for being so receptive to everyone’s suggestions. I’m not sure which has inspired me more–the depth and techinical skill of this picture, or the incredible fortitude you have shown in putting forth every last shred of you ability. You’ve really outdone yourself. <3


an amazing pic, one of the best in this challenge, good luck for the end linda


Beautiful, and the story behind it is wonderful as well.
Good job. Get some sleep :slight_smile:



This is so beautiful. :slight_smile: I’ve just been in awe reading the entire thread.


Hi Linda:) what can I say…? Absolutely amazing :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Good luck Linda :slight_smile:


Stunning work Linda.:eek: You’re a master of your craft. Good Luck!


Beautifull work Linda :thumbsup:


Linda, I just went throught all your thread, you are amazing

There’s an evolution in your style that is getting so close to reality

And this peice really shows how much you evolved, this is really one of your best peice, if not the best.

I’m trying to imagine the work you’ll do in a year or two, and at the speed your style evolve soon digital camera will have to top you.


Linda, I loved your work, always and you really made a masterpiece, grew over everything and also inspired all and everyone. Each and every stroke you done on this was full of inspiration and so much power, you painted a dream and i cant say how wonderfull it was to watch your progress. congratulations on your final piece, and thanks for sharing all of this with us!
u simply rock :thumbsup: :applause: :love: :buttrock: