Master and Servant 2D Entry: Linda Bergkvist


the ambiant of your first shetch is good, i wait the next:thumbsup:


The concept:

Mankind’s relationship with nature itself - that of the world being slave to humanity’s needs, and humanity being subject to nature’s whims. One cannot have either without the other and while humans have a tendency of looking and using all things as if they were created for them, and them alone, there are always repercussions to such arrogant assumptions.

Nature will be represented by a fey, graceful, beautiful creature with skin of spun silk and garments of leaves and branches and sunlight. Her/his face will have that elf-like beauty that seems almost surreal, warm and cold all at once. I’m considering covering the upper part of the face with a royal-looking type of mask, adding to the ethereal appearance of the character, and the hair (which is likely to be water-like) will be adorned with long stems of flowers reaching up towards the sky. S/he is to look kind and vicious all at once, however I am to pull that off. An expression in the eyes that will be difficult to judge as either complacent or dominant.

Humanity will be represented by a younger boy or girl, perhaps early or mid teens, freckled and fresh looking, with an impetuous, almost childish expression and demeanour. Though I am considering to make the human kneel before nature, there will be a look in the eyes that speaks of an urge to conquer and own and devour.

Around them, I’m thinking an environment beaten down by the battle and story of surrender-dominance between humanity and nature kind. While the nature spirit will look fresh and strong and warm, the nature surrounding it will be rotting and dying - giving a hint of the end result of this battle.

This is the concept thus far. The idea is so strong in my head it’s jumping and bouncing and leaping - I just can’t wait to get to it. I have to sit down and continue writing on my book now though, so I’ll try not to post more updates until tomorrow at the earliest, perhaps with a couple of quick character sketches, or perhaps just with more thoughts on the subject itself.


wow got it all planned already.

good luck!


wow, this one’s going to be awesome! subscribes to the thread
is it the first challenge you enter?
I’m already learning… making a colour scheme looks like a very good idea!


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ps.: good luck Linda!!!


Aw, thank you :smiley: I’m so excited about this! It’s going to be so much fun.

And, yeah, it’s the first challenge I enter. None of the previous topics have been my ‘thing’ (Space Operas and Machine Flesh, not really my kind of fun), but this one is really right up my alley. Character based and giving me room to work a little story into it.

Oh - making a colour scheme, even if it’s only temporary, is really inspiring I think. Colours have a lot to say about emotions and theme, and I sometimes come up with ideas from just looking at the colours I picked. (In this case, for example, I have now realised that I will emphasise how deadly nature is to man, and man to nature, because I took a look at the red blotch in the colour scheme and thought it would be very fitting).

I don’t always do it and sometimes I change it around wildly at the last minute, but they tend to help me a lot :]


I didn´t know that you are soooo fast. Crazy!:eek:


Im really looking forward to seeing more, the story youre telling sounds so great already and i think that will be a huge benefit in getting your creativity flowing. Im still worried about commiting to something too early but with the time frame we have to work to its best to get something worked out asap and just do it.:thumbsup: :buttrock: good stuff.


Linda, i haven’t spoken to you in like 2 years…on your baords…

But i always said you are a creative force to be reckoned with…

Best of luck…


Oh my lord. Is this the infamous Enayla i’ve been told about? Your work is perfect though? That’s not fair for competitors like me, im just a noob :sad: .

I’ve seen your work. Someone told me you’re unreal. I believed them after seeing your work. Good luck!


Good Luck.:thumbsup:


Looking good Linda; i’m no match for that probably :smiley:
Keep up the good work!


Very nice indeed! Love the mask stuff. Looking forward to seeing the next few steps!


good luck Linda. looking forward to see your work! =)


Even that mask sketching looks awesome - so totally inspiring :slight_smile:


holy crap, your linda bergkvist! never connected the two, just thought you were the cat lady from the daily sketches :smiley:
So far looking veeery promising:thumbsup:


it should be great learning experience to watch your progress, thanks for entering and good luck. certainly looks great so far


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Good luck seems a little out of place here :wink:

Look forward to the work and having my ass handed to me in general on this one.




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this is gonna be soo coool!