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At times, Nature is the master of Humanity… and at other times, Humanity certainly rules Nature.

Nature makes us hurry inside when she weeps rain upon the world. With hurricanes, she toys with us. Tornadoes are used to punish, earthquakes to throw us about like pebbles in a child’s game. We live on her land, and through that, she rules over us. Our very bodies belong to her - they age in rhythm with her, and they are subject to urges and desires that she imposes on us. In some ways, we’re little but slaves to Nature’s ways.

But Humanity… on the other hand… has found another way to dominate. Humanity destroys what we touch. We reach out towards pretty things in greed, and leave a trail of death behind. We fence the woods in, we run over the animals and poison the seas. Ours is a different kind of mastery but it is one nevertheless. Nature serves us because she has no other choice. Humanity always expects Nature to mend what damage we’ve done: heal the woods burned down, return the animals hunted to extinction and cleanse the seas… never considering what will happen the day Nature is no longer there to catch us.

In this piece, I tried to show this relationship. Humanity a naïve yet destructive burden, the smile on her lips slight and dreamy as she thinks of the beautiful flowers she will pluck and the lovely birds she will see while all around her these very things now fade away. She’s blind to the destruction she causes. She knows that Nature will be there for her, she knows that there will always be the scent of flowers and always the gentle surge of the sea. She is Nature’s master in that Nature has no choice but to try to catch her and always try to mend the damage she has done… but she is Nature’s slave because she must breathe the air, drink the water and eat the food that only Nature can give her.

I didn’t want a conventional take on the Master and Servant theme. I wanted one that I felt would be meaningful for me. Those who have followed the progress know that I’ve put thought into pretty much every little symbol - there’s a reason to why there is a peach tree in the background (peach symbolising femininity in many cultures), there’s a reason to why I flipped the picture around (wanting the destruction to move in a clockwise motion) and the colours are almost exactly the same as I laid them out in the beginning, wanting the warm, rich colours to symbolise the life that’s being taken away. I chose two women to represent humanity and nature because a man and a woman would only lend a conventional, romantic aspect to the image… and I’ve always imagined Nature a feminine quality.

That’s it. Thank you for your time, thank you everyone for the help. Finally I’ll be able to get some sleep.


Heh heh! Good luck Linda, subscribing to keep an eye on stuff! :slight_smile:


Hi linda,

no surprise to see you here. I´m looking forward to watch your thread.



Wow Linda, Great to see you entering the comp. love your work and i cant wait to see what you come up with. All the best.:thumbsup: :buttrock:


have fun with the new boxx workstation !


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Good luck Linda - however I don’t think you really need it :slight_smile:
I’ll be drooling over your thread every now and then and am sure it will be a great inspiration.


Hi guys :smiley:

And thanks for the welcome!

I already know pretty much exactly what to do. Inspiration hit me sometime late last night and I decided I’d have to join. It’ll be a while before I can submit any actual work though, but we’ll see, I’ll get there. Maybe a sketch after the weekend :]

My theme will be nature-oriented, rather spiritual, not at all as dark and gloomy as most things I paint. I wavered in between a more classical whipped-person theme and then settled on doing something where it’ll be a little difficult to know just who is the master, and who is the servant.


Oh nooooooeeeesss!!! We’re all doomed! :argh:

LOL … Good luck Linda! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. This one is going to be good. :smiley:


agreed with kirt~!lol:scream:
i’m gonna keep an eye on ur thread,will be learning alot from u.
good luck linda:)


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Spiritual, nature oriented, sounds very good and original to me. I’m curious where this will lead you. Good Luck an take it easy with the HAND.


thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for enrolling in this competition…you fulfilled my wish :eek: wish you all the best !


I know there will be inspiational work going on here Linda, I am hoping to learn some new skills from you… :arteest:


Welcome and good luck linda:thumbsup:


Good luck. From seeing your past work it looks like I’ll be in for treat.


Yes, Kirt, we’re all doomed! rofl!

Good luck, Linda! Even if you might not need it : ))


have fun linda and goOd luck :slight_smile:


Aw, thanks guys :}

I’m thinking:

colour scheme:

Very temporary. Very subject to change.

possible mask design:

(nevermind crappy photo, I designed the mask itself a few months back, I love the curve to it. Sort of owlish but lacking the feathers, and at the same time graceful and noble, if you will. It might work if I decide to go with a mask for one of the characters. I’ll take more reference photos of it.

character sketch:

turned out a little murky, I’ll have to spice the colours up. The more I’m thinking about it, the more I’m liking the concept of the mask. I had an initial idea of hair like a waterfall, but I don’t think I want to bring strong blue into the image. Maybe dark, frothy hair, in that case, like a rivulet bouncing down a mountain late at night. We’ll see.

On another note, I never do line drawings… that in itself will be a challenge. How am I supposed to be able to sketch without colours? :confused: They’re the first thing I’m thinking about when I do a painting.


wow! you are my favourite artist ,and I’m happy to follow you progress,it will be the greatest lesson for me , please update frequently!!


Welcolme, and good luck!

Can’t wait to see some stuff!



Ah yes… u should enter the challenge a day or two before deadline, so that we mortals would have still the will to finish our pieces…
But! Be prepared, coz i have a book of urs (d’artiste) and now i know all the secrets… bwahaha… oh, poor me :cry:

Its a joke :slight_smile: I wish u all the best and cant wait to see ur final masterpiece! Im really looking for any of ur submissions so post regularely please.