Master and Servant 2D Entry: levent bozkurt


I make the clouds with split color with brush and spread with smudge tooll.


looks great lev.

3 DAYS!!


cloud wip


tahnks noob as you


not: When I imagined this composition for the first time, the deepness level of image was too high. My glance angle would be over the master’s head and a little bit from behind towards the slave below. Existence frame would be quite impressive. Also there would be some field deepness, but my major desire is to create an uneasiness feeling for the people who see this image. And if I’d use that glance angle, people would influenced but wouldn’t be uneasy. Because of this reason I destroyed the perspective and made a stable movement style. I think it gets nerves enough and this is the situation that I want. (I want them to be uneasy because I’m drawing a malicious master and its slave. meanwhile, discarding the perspective let me put some icons onto master. you know, masters have got secrets, hidden communities and hidden icons etc. The master that I created also had to be full of secrets and if we call such kind of topics as “secret”, I must hide them from you
The only thing that we must remember is “Masters are full of secrets”.


cloud wip


u sure u can do this in three days?


I’ll have 2 hours work after ı finished the clouds.


cloud finish


I don’t think its going tobe very good to sign a picture which is full of mysteries and misterical master.

Because ı prepared a double readable icon and ı made a seal using this icon.
it must be more understandable than the icon that ı put to the picture at the end its my name:)
and ı’m not a master:P and its not a mystery that ı draw this picture.
ı thought to point the ununderstandability and mystery of the master this easy icon will be ironic.


i am makeing the texture using painters impasto tool.


place finis


is time for hue and saturation of the characters


wip color continue


seal color
bevel and emboss, drop shadow, opacity= 50


wip color finish :slight_smile:


finish picture:)


You managed to finish before deadline…

Good luck levent , your work is great!


thank you sgc:)


Great final Image!!

Good Luck! :thumbsup: