Master and Servant 2D Entry: levent bozkurt


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That’s coming along nicely man and the details are great. Keep it coming.

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thanks arcie,
i follow your works and waiting for your final work impatiently


you did it great man, it’s full of details and looks like 3D. Go on like this, if you color this effieciently, it will be one of the best works in this competition.



great pic!!


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wip color no 19


wip color no 20


Hurry up dude !

it looks very promising btw…


deine werk hat sich sehr gebildet ich gratuliere dich.
ich hoffe du bringst deine arbeit vollstaendig zum wettbewehrb…


danke schön


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wip color no 21


wip no 22


Your concept is cool and your shading is great but I guess, composition needs more work. Maybe a different angle. And my advice is to add a little bit texture on the skins to get rid of that smudgy look and make it more believable, more interesting. Keep up the great work and good luck:)

Hocam kızı arkadan gorsek, onun önüne de kocaman master’ı yerleştirsek kompozisyon açısından daha mı iyi olur acaba? Sadece bir fikir:)


thanks kerem :thumbsup:
When I imagined this composition for the first time, the deepness level of image was too high. My glance angle would be over the master’s head and a little bit from behind towards the slave below. Existence frame would be quite impressive. Also there would be some field deepness, but my major desire is to create an uneasiness feeling for the people who see this image. And if I’d use that glance angle, people would influenced but wouldn’t be uneasy. Because of this reason I destroyed the perspective and made a stable movement style. I think it gets nerves enough and this is the situation that I want. (I want them to be uneasy because I’m drawing a malicious master and its slave. meanwhile, discarding the perspective let me put some icons onto master. you know, masters have got secrets, hidden communities and hidden icons etc. The master that I created also had to be full of secrets and if we call such kind of topics as “secret”, I must hide them from you :slight_smile:
The only thing that we must remember is “Masters are full of secrets”. :slight_smile:


kompozisyonu kafamda ilk kuruladigimda derinlik cok fazlaydi
bakış açım: master’in kafasinin biras uzerinden ve biraz arkasından aşagidaki koleye
dogru bir aciyla izlenecekti.ortaya cikan goruntu oldukca etkileyici olacakti
biras alan derinligi bile olacakti
fakat istedigim tam olarak resme bakanlari huzursuz etmek. bunu boyle bir açıyla
gerceklestirirsem insanlar huzursuz olmaktan cok resimden etkileneceklerdi.
bu nedenle perspektifi yok ettim. ve hareketleride sinir bozucu duzeyde durağan yaptim.
bence oldukca huzursuz bir resim oluyor ve istedigimde tam olarak bu.
(huzursuz olamalilar cunku kotu bir efendi ve kolesini resmediyorum)
bu arada perspektifi kaldirmam master uzerine bazi iconlar yerlestirmemide kolaylastirdi
bilirsiniz efendilerin sırlari vardir gizli topluluklari vardir gizli iconlari vardir vs.
yaptigim efendininde sırlari olmaliydi ve sanirim sırlari olabilmesi icin bunu sizlerden
saklamam hatta en kısa zamanda benimde unutmam gerekiyor:)
tek hatirlamamis gereken efendiler sırlarla doludurlar :slight_smile:


at the end my indesicion ended and ı decided to make my both thought.not much hard not much soft.
by theway ı realised there is no hope in the picture, ı mean i decided that there must be hope in the picture. Because hope is the only single thing a slave has.
if you take hope from his hans there willbe nothing left in his life, and this is not a good think for the master also.
if we take hope from the slave or don’t give hope like ı did, he can easily dare to death and try to slip out from his master. İf he dies when he stands against hie master he will die as a free man. He can kill his master or he can get rid of him entirely.and saves him self to be a slave anymore.
İf there is no slave thre is no master anymore. the theme of the picture is not the free man neighter t
he people walking around the green green grass.My aim is to draw a certain slave and a certain master till their last breath.Because of this i decided to give hope in minimum dose my character that his slavity is in danger,with adding the free man who is flying with a baloon in the sky.
do you think the baloon man can give hope to the slave.
The baloon will burst whent it rises much and the man will die,or maybe he wont.maybe the baloon will deflate slowly
and the character will make a soft landing.
maybe you think i am ridicilous, but tihnk for a moment if it happens.Thats the thing to make our slave stand.İf you don’t have any hope you will think this can be happen and think the man with the baloon will come and save you!
You don’t think the part if the baloon man will survive,why he come and save you.Maybe in the times that your powre is totaly off, also this your brain can’t hasitate the thinking of he can come and save you.
Also I don’t thing the man is holding the baloon he is wrapped to the baloon, and this is the trick tat the master arranged to give little hope to his slave.I wont draw the bloon trick clearly because the slave can see this and can lost his last hope and stand aginst his master. at the same time this proves the masters geniue and this will add power to the master.and ı don’t want this.
The place they live will be dark this will appear the characters also leave free spaces at the picture,and not to fatigue the eyes.Ofcourse the dark place that the master lives will make the theme powerfull.
I’m planing to draw the picture in brown color.which can easily turn nobelty and pover etc. into melancoly.By theway as a man who thinks “let the picture tells it self”. I talked to much:) Ofcourse this is a educational compatition so ı will not talk about the firs patr of the drawing and leave it to the people who will look at it.


vektor draw export “”
import photoshop “”


The place is acombination of smooth and round pieces so ı make vectoral drawing on my sketch ı got clear corners and rings with this thecnic. I will give dimensions using bevel and emboss and ı think i will make the texture using painters impasto tool.