Master and Servant 2D Entry: levent bozkurt


thanks frestorms and murat

i am not decide to the background yet


sick… it reminds me of giger. good work!:thumbsup:


thank you calisto
yes meybi it sick but this masters is sick:)


A very interesting idea. Will be curious to see the final work.

One thing, I’m starting to wonder where the lightsource is from the shading you are doing on the master. Any particular plans for it?


thanks liiga
I will use brush mode: color. Light will be coming softly from the direction we look at the picture.


That’s one freaky character. You’ve certainly got your work cut out for you with the deadline only just over 2 weeks away. Best of luck.


wip color no: 13
coming soon finish


thank you groady
:slight_smile: i tink its finished one week


wip color no 15


Cool sketches you got there. I dig the idea and characters. Creepy and freaky looking… very nice. I’ll check back for more dude.



thank you Arc80:)


Well yes you do seem to be a little bit delayed; but the value of the time reaming should not beweighed with the amount of it. But more with the quality of it. How you spend it.

And with the pace you have gained in the last week I have little doubt that you are at any rate late!
You ridea is a VERY good one, a concept that I am SURE a lot of us thought of but left aside from not knowing how to depict it. Some of us going to an isolated segment of it.
None the less your approuch says it all.
I have to say that I like it. And the image from the sketch on looks very promising!

Good luck



[b][color=white]i generally do the first things came into my mind because they are the different ones generally.

if my concept would came into someone else’s mind, they could make something similar to mine

I dont know you much but it didnt ever happen to me that a concept that i thought and i couldnt draw
[b][size=2][color=white]i know i am a bit slow but up to now i spent 5 hours at most on this picture and i need just 6-7 hours more



I suggest that you flat first and after play with details.


tahnk you DaniloR, but i like to work this style

[b][color=white]i feel more concantrated when i begin from part to the whole because i should be more careful



wip color no 16


wip color 17


hi levent your paint tecnic is perfect i think so you are profeyonel artist .u must be fırst in challange ihope u’ll be in there take it easy


levent hi your all works is perfect like this i seen before its perfect u must be i


wip color no 18