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levent bozkurt has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: finish

finish picture:)


sory i am late
my explanation for composition will coming soon :slight_smile:


character of servant sketch detail


master detail A


master detail B


master detail C


select colour range and delete paper


Thoughts I formed while preparing the sketch

About master: master
1)pleasure addict
2) Old (experienced)
3) Arrogant
4) Has a strong and big body
5) Should be a part of a group or a foundation, maybe he is an administrator of the foundation
6) Fed by sorrow
7) Should be in a restless calmness (tranquility)
8) His stillness should be frightening

About servant: servant

  1. Born as a servant so that he had never felt freedom
  2. Should not know it is possible for him to be free
  3. Should be filled with sadness, although he is not aware of the absence of freedom in his life he should suffer for it.
  4. There should not be any chance to be free for him although he understands that he can have freedom too.

About composition:
I established vertical composition; however I am planning to balance it with the horizontal lines in the background. I have not decided on the background but it is certain that background should be simple so that characters don’t get lost through it. Maybe a wall letting the picture to greater sorrow will be added. Perspective will vanish with this wall and people looking at the picture will get uncomfortable without knowing the reason.
I will plot an endless ground looking tiny with respect to viewpoint and a big blue sky, decorated by white clouds, in contrast with the annoying characters. People will be able to watch the picture, which is balanced in every aspect, for a long time and they will not get annoyed by it. I suppose I am going to build a wall, because this semi-symbolical piece of work should irritate people about master and servant; however I am not still sure. Perhaps balanced blue sky will be enough for the audience


master face color wip 2


master face color wip 3


master face wip 4


master face wip color 5


master face wip color 6


master face finish
wip color 7


color wip 8


haha super


The monsters body is very intersting. İ thing the final will good. what you do for the backround ?wecant see that


wip color no: 11


wip color no: 12


Good Luck bro gettin ınterestıng keep goın :applause:

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