Master and Servant 2D Entry: Joshua Caez


Wonderful application of grey tones. Very evocative piece; I really like this. Much good luck!



In this image I turned on the layer which has all my guides that I used to create the city. I wanted to keep the focus as much as I could on Ann so I decided to have all perspective lines go to her. Good’ol click shift click did the job (no rulers necessary) and that pretty much kept me from painting things going the wrong direction…

Anyways, just wanted to share a little on how I made this painting:)



Well just putting down some final details that are probably not even visible at this resolution… But I’m about that point where I think I’m done. I’ll take a day break and look at it this Sunday with fresh eyes then post it as the final image. Let me know what you guys think, maybe there’s something that you guys notice that I can’t see, I’ve been looking at this for too long;)

Anyways good luck to you guys!


Well I took a couple of days off and revisited the painting, knowing that I would find something that bothered me… Sure enough I fixed a couple of things, but nothing noticeble. At this point I think I should call it done!

I’m so glad that I had the chance to participate in one of these challenges. It’s been a lot of fun, and I would like to thank those that helped me during the process plus all the positive feedback that kept me pumped to continue painting.

Thanks again and good luck to all of you. Can’t wait for the next challenge!



sweet pic, just sweet , didn’t know your plans , but so good u kept it b/w


absolutely Beautiful work! Congratulations!



Oh Wow… :drool:

Your image is stellar! Great job and Congratulations. Good luck with the final panel! This one is one of my very favorites. :slight_smile:


i like really this pic, the black and white anbiance is great, good work and good luck for the end


Thanks for the replies guys! I’m really excited about all this, since it’s my first time entering a challenge… I can’t wait to see who wins! But at the same time I’m really excited about Star Wars as well, so I’m all around really pumped these coming days… I wonder how long it takes them to judge? Anyways good luck to all you guys!



I would’nt change a thing. Like I wrote at the beginning of this thread…I love it. The composition, and the vanishing point manipulating the reader is very well done. B + W always does it for me.

This should do very well.

Congratulations on a very professional piece.

Good luck.


Thanks Paul


Great painting! I love the fact it is in b/w! And the style of it gets me pumped for what we are going to see in a few months on the big screen (King Kong :slight_smile: . Keep it up Josh!



I really like this. Really captures the 8th Wonder of the World in a tender moment. I take it you’re looking forward to Peter Jackson’s remake as much as I am.

I also like how everything converges on Anne to keep her the focus of everything…which was the focus of Kong.

Great piece


Simply amazing. How did you go from sketch to model on Kong?


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