Master and Servant 2D Entry: Joshua Caez


Knowing that I have chosen for my entry a well known idea such as King Kong I realized that I needed to aproach it with a different emotion than what is tipically illustrated in our minds. King Kong roaring at Ann as she screams in terror is kind of the first thing that comes to mind. I want to show Kong being gentle, not menacing towards Ann, and in exchange having the viewer not be sure of who is the master and who is the servant. Could it be that Ann has more power over Kong now that he has feelings for her? Or is Kong the master because of his size and strength?

Anyways I hope that helps illustrate why I didn’t go with the tipical idea of angry King Kong. And once I place the planes in the background it hopefully should show the danger that’s about to come, and the harm that might come to Ann by Kong having her with him.

Thanks for comments guys. Cheers!


Wassup Jason, hope you’re having fun at USA! And try not to get too sunburned up there allright


Well here are a couple more buildings painted. I still need to add more detail to them but I’ll get to that later. I’m playing around with the idea of birds in the backgroumd. I don’t like the way that the birds on the left side are silhouetting around Kongs thumb, I’ll have to fix that… Anyways thanks for the replies guys! I’ll post some closeups of the painting soon:)


wow Joshua the detail in your image are amazing. The lighting to but I told you that already.


Wow Joshua…nice entry. Crisp and soft at the same time. The black&white really works well in my opinion.The only thing that bothered me is the detail on Kong’s arm. The eye of the viewer shouldn’t be drawn to the corner of the image. I would suggest making the arm hairs shorter and dropping the arm into shadow.

Great work!


What I really like on this is the feel of melancholy that surrounds this scene. You know this relationship that is just destined to end tragically. There is a lot of emotion involved. About the master & servant component, without taking your explanation into account, I would interpret it the way that kong is servant to his nature, a master that has put him in chains that even he, with all his might, can’t overcome and thus will always keep him seperated from the only thing he sought-after: a human love. A truely sad story. Great work freak.



Very nice work dude=)

I have a question, the houses are awesome, do u use guides in photoshop to get them so straight?


it’s really a good pic for me (and id not only for your pleasure), i like this anbiance black and white, and the details are very good. No, no, really, a great pic


Wow guys thanks for the replies! I’m glad to hear that the black and white idea is being well received. To answer your question makrill I placed a vanishing point at around the area where Ann’s head is, basically to have the buildings guide your eyes back to her. Then I found the corner points where I wanted my perspective lines to start from and shift clicked to the vanishing point. I just had to do this many many times, and used them as my guides. I’ll post the image with the lines layer on as an example.

Solothores… Man what can I say I need to hire you as my representative. I couldn’t of said it any better. – I would interpret it the way that kong is servant to his nature, a master that has put him in chains that even he, with all his might, can’t overcome and thus will always keep him seperated from the only thing he sought-after: a human love. A truely sad story. — I might just name the piece “A Human Love.” I love that interpretation!

To andreasrocha, man you’re right, now that I see it it really bothers me. I’ll have to fix that, I guess I’ll take care of it once I’m done with the buildings thanks man!



Here are a couple of close-ups of the buildings, hope you guys like’em!


great detailing!


Oh this just keeps getting better and better. Awesome detail. One thing though, is it normal that the people on the skewed terrace seem unaffected by the perspective - at least some of them? It is mostly the standing and pointing man and a bit the woman besides him.


Well I got all the buildings painted, still need to do a final pass at all of them, but it’s time to move on to the sky and the planes. I think I’ll keep the sky mostly white and the planes faily distant.

I still need to darken Kongs right arm so that it doesn’t guide our eyes towards the corner, and I need to add a forearm to his left arm… Hopefully I’ll get this done soon:) Anyways, thanks for all the replies guys. I hope we all get this done before the 18th!



Well that’s very classicla but so well executed and with so emotion, I just can applause.
I was looking for but I got nothing to crit.:shrug:


Wow! this is fantastic work. I really like Black and white artwork. This is very Nice :thumbsup:


Man it feels great to almost be done! Well I painted the planes, and I think I’ll keep the sky clear with no clouds. I want to keep the planes faint so it’s not distracting.

Thanks Anreasrocha for the suggestion of darkening Kong’s arm. I think now it keeps your eye from wondering towards that corner and keeps you focused on them. I still need to do some finaling on all the buildings plus some general clean_up here and there… Oh yeah, and I hid Waldo in one of the buildings see if you guys can find him. It might be impossible with the current resolution I’m submitting, but if you can’t I’ll post a close-up of him:)

Thanks for the replies!

Good luck!


Really good , I like the details !


Brilliant Work! I love the bkdg (great touch with the on top of the roof) :thumbsup:


On my God… the ligth over Kong face is very photorealistic, very emotive, cheers for you!!


Wow! Just wow!..your choice to put the girl in shadow with the bright background behind is a master’s touch! Very good. I’ll give you a vote for sure! Congratulations!