Master and Servant 2D Entry: Joshua Caez


hi freakjc

I prefer the top one as well. Much easier to focus on the girl and kong, the bottom one tends to draw my eye away from them. And I do like your b/w approach as well - great idea. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the replies guys, I hope to post some details on the buildings soon.


I’m placing detail on the buildings and have the perspective angled toward Ann. Still have ways to go with this building but I’ll add more detail as I move on to the others… Hope you guys like the idea of people looking out of the windows, I still need to add more of them and perhaps make them more obvious. Thanks for all your comments, C&C’s are most welcome! Thanks.


What can I say? Everyone at my work was drooling over how beautifull this one is! Great piece. :scream:


Wow you really master black & white, this image look amazing the mood is great. :thumbsup:


…wow Kong looks amazing…and the city is coming to life

Awesome details


Here are some more buidings being detailed plus I’m starting to put people in them. I still have to detail up these buildings but I’ll probably get to that in the final stages of the painting process. At this point just doing more research on architecture and trying to keep everything in perspective… C&C’s are most welcome! Thanks for all the comments.


Hmm… nice. NOthing else I feel I need to say…very nice indeed


Hi freakjc! Your work looks really good. I’ve love the mood of the picture. It is really enhanced by the black and white mode you’re working in. Keep up the good work!

BTW, are you after that old movie look? Is that why you’ve chosen B&W mode? If that’s your goal, you might consider making it with a slight sepia tone and adding some graininess to the image after your done. It might prove to be an interesting experiment. Food for thought. Great work!



Sweeeeet! I don’t have anything constructive to say really, but I love the detail and the lighting here. If I absolutely had to nitpick, it looks like compositionally the ape and the girl are a bit disconnected from the rest of the picture, but it may just be because of the different refinement which of course will change later on. Keep up the good work!


Wow, thanks for all the comments guys, I hope that as I place more detail that the characters will feel more intergrated within the entire composition, thanks liiga for mentioning that. And TMartist I’ll take a shot at playing around with some of those ideas, they would be nice little final touches to the piece… Cheers!


Awsome work there! The detail is mind-boggling.
Where are the fighterplanes :slight_smile: ? You have one nice open space where you can put one or two fighters doing a sneek attack run. Just an idea.


Well I’m glad that you mentioned that Art2 because I’ll be placing some planes in the upper right area to break up all that blank space. Hopefully you’ll like the placement. Thanks!


like the lightining and the emotion of the scene


Well here’s another building kinda done… I’ve placed some people on the rooftop but still have to play with their composition. I’m thinking of adding a forearm to Kong to add balance and show that he’s holding on to something, and I think that will help with the dead space in that lower part of the last painted building… But I’ll probably get to that once I’m done with the buildings. Thanks for all the comments! C&C’s are most welcome. Thanks!


looking excellent,almost like a screen shot from the movie!


I think this one is special, what a render man!!! not original at all, but the image speak for it self, go on man… do some more:D


Wow, very amazing monochromatic painting, good contrast and details!



Wow. You’re so good it looks 3D. :bounce:


sup Caez? I’m writing from (not very sunny) Union Springs Academy… just checking in on your incredible digital skills :slight_smile:

Looking good, I can’t wait to see the finished thing!