Master and Servant 2D Entry: Joshua Caez


Joshua Caez has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Farewell To Kong

Well I took a couple of days off and revisited the painting, knowing that I would find something that bothered me… Sure enough I fixed a couple of things, but nothing noticeble. At this point I think I should call it done!

I’m so glad that I had the chance to participate in one of these challenges. It’s been a lot of fun, and I would like to thank those that helped me during the process plus all the positive feedback that kept me pumped to continue painting.

Thanks again and good luck to all of you. Can’t wait for the next challenge!



Here are some quick sketches I’ve done of gorillas before I start to sketch King Kong.


Nice sketches. Good luck


Here’s a quick sketch of kong and a basic value range of the city which is now just a blur. I need to sketch a pose for the girl (Ann). I think I want a sad expression on Kong’s face, kinda like a farewell to Ann.


I placed the girl on Kong’s hand, I’ll have to play with the scale on both of them. It’ll probably end up being different from the original, I’ll just say it’s artistic license:) Crits would be awesome, thanks!


Excellent idea from a classic scenario. Personally, i’d like to see a portrait layout, rather than the the landscape tlayout format you have at the moment. It might create a lot of dead space over to the right. If you did it portrait, you could have Kong leaning over her, dominating the upper half of your shot, creating a lot of scale, and it would look very clostraphobic for the girl.

Just a thought.

Look forward to seeing this develop,



I like your sketches. The fact that you’re painting an ape is a bonus :slight_smile: Paul is right, you would do better to make your canvas portrait so you can really get the size difference working. One idea would be to fill the lower 2/3 with the woman and the hand, then have Kong’s face towering above them (very difficult perspective-wise, but just an idea)


Wow those are awesome ideas… I guess the reason I designed the image this way is because I’m trying to get an emotion out of Kong that’s not dominating or agressive. Maybe he’s showing affection for the girl or he’s sad because he’s letting her go. The girl at this point in the story is not afraid of him, she perhaps becomes the dominating figure in the image… In the city I’ll have people on rooftops and probably some planes flying in the background, for I think that’s mandatory for any King Kong illustration But I’m liking the idea of Kong towering over her in a portrait canvas as well. That seems really dynamic, I’ll probably do some sketches of that as well. Thanks for the thoughts.


Here’s a quick line drawing of Kong and the girl within the city. I’m gonna draw other versions of the city. I’ll have lots of people on the rooftops of the buildings looking up at them. The expression on Kong’s face is kind of the one I want, I’ll have to work on it. And I want the girl to seem comfortable with him.


Hi everyone, here’s Kong and Ann rendered to a certain extent, but I need to continue on with the design of the city… I get carried away with detail too soon:) With the city I’m trying to keep the lighter area around her, and have all the values in the buildings lighter to mantain the focus on her. I’m wanting to keep the painting in black and white for I think it fits the time period. I’ll be doing a lot of research on architecture, and I’ll try to submit a couple of different versions of the city soon, I hope…

With Kong I’m trying to have a certain expression, one that shows that he is not wanting to harm her, and that she isn’t afraid of him. This being after all the running around and climbing buidings with her being in terror. Maybe this is a farewell before a situation that might bring harm to Ann. In the city I’m going to have people staring at them, and the faded background you can see planes flying towards them. I just need to start painting all this stuff that I’m talking about… C&C’s would be awesome. Thanks!


Fantastic rendering on Kong. You’ve been keeping yourself quiet…then BOOM! you throw this in. Very nice.


ps nice idea to keep it black and white.


yea looks real nice dude


the painting of kong is a great piece of art, very good work:thumbsup:


Thanks for all the comments! Yeah it’s tough for me to stop working on something once I get going with it. Kong was a lot of fun to paint, but now comes the challenge of painting the city… I’ll try to post more often as I work on the city, I think by tommorow I can show the different ideas I have for it. I’m wanting to keep that intimate feeling of Kong and Ann allthough there in the middle of New York City and there’s a ton of people watching them…

Thanks Paul for supporting the idea of keeping the image in black and white. I’ve never done a digital painting in grayscale, it reminds me of good ol’ graphite pencils.

Good luck to all you guys!


now thats what i call a gorilla!!



KONG look very great! good !! however he could maybe look more “fantastic” not so realistic…and give a more “afraid” attitude to the woman…:slight_smile:


WOW - Man very nice image - the fur and hair on gorilla is excellent - the girl seems to be a little washed out to me - I want to feel like she is more of this image but I don’t for some reason - but overall this work speaks to me; to have something so big and strong humbled by a woman - really good work!!!.


Woe! Now that’s awesome. So realistic. If that is what happens when you get carried away, then get carried away more often. But it looks like you know what you doing.

Awesome focus, and composition. Looks like a winner.


Here’s a couple of ideas for the background that I’m playing with. I’m leaning towards the top one because I like the way that the perspective lines are going towards Ann… Allthough at the moment they really aren’t. I want a rooftop as part of the foreground elements to indicate that Kong is about to place Ann there. I think the value range of the buildings is getting there. Once I run some perspective lines on those buidlings, I’ll start designing them, and I’ll be doing a lot of research on architecture. C&C’s would be awesome. Thanks!


When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a photo!!! but not, very nice the option in black and white, you got the sense of depht of field with the fog much better than with a blur as I saw in other sketch, the buildings are very suggesting, you can imagine what is happening there without seeing nothing, I think many times that “less is more”.

Very nice the indirect light on her.

Great job, I really like