Master and Servant 2D Entry: jason lynch


jason lynch has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Coloring WIP: adding enviroment

heres is another update i am totally using all the wrong clors for what i intended but i got to do something may be i will revisit this topic at a later date. Any suggestions.


Good luck.


aniticipating for urs lynch~good luck:)


hi jason i’m glad to see you, good luck:thumbsup:


Just want to say good luck :slight_smile:


heres the first few sketches i think i might go with ,i was going to go with a futuristic type of concetration camp but i think i’ll go with this dark wizard or sorcerer riding a chariot being pulled by some demons. I have to work on the layout alot im not sure exactly how I’ll do it and i got to come up with some cooler designs .The story and title will come later but i would appreciate some guidance and hardcore crits.


I love the sketch on the right side. But I love the whole concept period! I’m a sucker for action scenes! Hey, you should experiment and try this same concept with the master and his servants facing towards the viewer from a worm’s eyes view. Would be cool to see how that looks.Cant wait to see this colored! I’m a fan of your work goodluck!:thumbsup:


Nice sketches! I agree with Corey however if you decide to stay with the side view, you may consider flipping it horizontal so that the action moves left to right. keep the good stuff comin"


I agree with Corey a wormseye vie might have a nice effect. I can already tell your final will be awesome, your sketches are lookin real good. The only thing I can say is the view could be more dramatic.


I 3rd the worms-eye-view idea. May be worth a quick sketch. I like the sketch on the right the best. Might be interesting to differenciate the look of each demon slightly, give them each a unique personality. Great sketches! :thumbsup:


I love your dinamic composition!
Keep posting… i will interested the colour versions

cheers: Kornél


thank you for the response guys ,a much lower persective might definately make it more dynamic I’ll try harder at that , its not one of my strong suits but i’ll try

please keep the crits coming, hold nothing back theres a lot to learn ,but for now i’m out cause im at work ,'can’t let the boss see me not working.


Very cool potential

Good luck with it



Very nice sketches! Looking forward to watching this grow!

Good luck


wow, that is some awesome sketchs
post more :slight_smile:
good luck


Holy hell Jason! Thats one awesome sketch… Im loving the movement as well as the way the skeleton angels are looking… fierce man! Thank you for your comment by the way!


deffinetly the sketch on the right… no question.
and when u get home from work… lol… have u got an update for us.

thsi is going to be great:wise:


The sketch on the left isn’t working; the one on the right is looking much better. Still, IMO you have a composition problem. You have the chariot swerving straight out of the picture, which frankly makes the viewer say, so what? What would really get this going is if you had the chariot swerving right at the viewer, and one of the demons much more in the fore-front, screaming upwards into the viewer’s face. The guy would be looking more towards us, but not at us. The other chariot would be angled slightly towards us rather than appear in profile, as if it was making the same manoever seconds afterwards, following the first. The designs of the guys and the demons are wonderful, I don’t think you need to change them, just the composition. Great start.


only just found your thread, judging by your space opera this should be a definate contender. I like the sketch so far particularly the design of the demons. certainly the right though, a much more dynamic comp. looking forward to more progress. good luck


Like your idea. Agree with flipping your composition to a horizontal frame. If you give the first chariot a longer lead it will look like the demons are really pulling at the ropes. I love the right sketch of the driver. I like that his arm is up and his chest is expanded, you can see that lots of force it coming through his swing. He looks nice and tense, really into the ride. I’d love to see him looking at the other driver. It will bring a better flow through the composition and make him look like he’s really getting mad about not being the one a little bit ahead in the race. I also love that he’s holding a whip because I think it has fantastic potential to swoop in and over everyones heads (a great composition element). Maybe even having it land a tiny bit on one of the demons, causing him to look back with his eyes as if he’s really mad at his master but would never ever dare to attack.
Keep posting! I think this will be really great. Can’t wait to see more. Great expresions! Especially on the demons!