Master and Servant 2D Entry: Jason Ferguson


Jason Ferguson has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Hungry!

Her servants serve her, in more ways than one!
She is the master!


This is not something I would normally think of entering, which makes it more of a challenge!

I’ m having problems colouring it, so I should just do the line art first, ey?


I think I double post…ed!


So now I’ ve done the line art, it looks like it’ s gonna take forever!


Starting to come to life now!


I have added a few more servants/toys&things, also colouring in some darks and soon a bit of light.
This is almost the longest time I’ ve spent on a digital painting, actually it’ s one of my first!


I don’ t want to try for a realistic look, I’ m trying for more of a natural kinda feel.
Anyway, that took me almost all day!


Hey! you’r composition reads well, however I think maybe you should try to emphasise on you’r master & servant relationship in this concept. If I understood it correctly it’s the baby that is master of his toys? If that’s the case, I think you’ll have to work some on improving that message. Like if you was to make this humerous picture, I would draw the baby in a “all hail to the king” pose, from frog-perspective. Where the toys where in the front watching the baby raging over them with a grin on his face. :slight_smile: Just some ideas, hope it helps!

Otherwise it looks good man! Keep it up!


G’ day am7, thanx for that, my first reply from somebody other than myself :applause:
That totally lifts me spirits! :bounce:

It is pretty hard actually, controlling myself, stopping myself from making it too obvious, I am talking about the relationship between the Master and her servants, the toys.

Your message is the proof that, my message has been and is understood! :thumbsup:

At the same time, I really do appreciate all of your comments and advice. Similar images are entering my thick but thinning head as I type.

Thanx again, you made my day bud! :thumbsup:

jsn :slight_smile:


Hi just as new as you I think!

The baby is definately Master of more than just toys I think - probably of all she surveys!!

Looking forward to your next update


Well, it\’ s not finished! I\’ ve learnt a lot!


Her servants serve her, in more ways than one!
She is the master!


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