Master and Servant 2D Entry: Jarek Sznytzer


Jarek Sznytzer has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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thank you Marcin
since I’ve been having problems with the dark angel character
I decided to redo it i couldn’t find anything that would work for it, so I
took few picks for the reference, so yeah I’ve bin trying to make my
ugly mug look decent, not sure how it’s looks, but I want to this creature to have this smirk look
and I can’t do it without references,
I still think the is something wrong with the proportions, but I want get the expression right first
any critics please


Hi there
Kind of an idea, master is not sure if she is satisfied or just bored by the servant performance, and who knows what kind of intentions does hi has


looks cool!


trying to get the feel for the perspective


Still in the concept stage,
i’ts all new to me, but I’m trying to stick to the idea, any opinions would be very helpful


Thanks NOOB!
I’m very new to all this so I’m not even sure if I’m doing this right
but I do appreciate any comments and suggestions


the perspective is a little too dramatic for ur old man/gargoyle/angel character,for that to work,the man wud have to appear allot smaller,and the view point of the characters would have to change to slighty above them.

hope that helps


thanx, I was kind thinking the same thing, there is no depth, I,m going to work on this


there is depth,its just not depicted right.

but i’ll just wait for more!


I’ll work on the right siede see what happens


thanx again I can see it now


little changes, I think this will be final concept
is it any better


looks much better!

although the stairs/floor that the thing with the sword is on still looks a bit too bent,try to match it up with the wall behind,the wall with the windows


ooo :eek: sexy! hehe! Your perspective is still a bit wonky. Try placing the image on a larger canvas and actually use a real vanishing point. It’ll help a lot.


Welcome Jarek. These competitions do a lot to push us as artist’s. This is the most professional acting and helpful forum’s out there. Best wishes. My thought is, based on the gestures of the characters, the roles appear to be reversed. She looks to be in control of the situation and less sub-serviant.


This looks promising. I would definitely use Mr Frederickson’s idea of a perspective grid, they can be life savers in a pic like this when you’re first starting out. The slave on the right’s perspective still looks a little out, like he’s balancing on the tips of his toes, and his bum’s off the floor. I’d agree with the point made that the woman looks more in control. Perhaps you could have the master seem more bored, balancing his head on his hand, like he’s seen it all before. Maybe have him sat in something like a throne? But the woman is looking pretty good, nice weight to those exposed cheeks, and lovely hair. Keep at it, this has the potential to be good!


first look at the one of the chcaracters


Thank you guys for all the suggestions, I did enlarged canvas to actually see the points
but the stairs are still off, are they suppose to change the horizon line ?
I will change proportions a bit and see what happens


Hi there,
I hope this is better
I decided to get rid of third character
cose is to much said, and is to obvious
and I would like it more mystical, like you have to look more and think
what is the relationship between characters


shield design,
I want to see if this theme
would go good with the rest