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Opps… I forgot to provide a written description of the piece, so here it is. I’m not much of a writer, so please excuse my bad grammar :slight_smile:

You know that feeling when you look at an old photos, it brings back allot of memories. Sometimes, don’t you wish you could go back in time and change things? A lost loves, miss opportunities, etc…

I wanted to capture that moment in time, so I used a female to represent that lost time. And to capture her essence; pain, sadness, elegance, and beauty.

I wanted her to represent all of these things, but also have her looking toward the future, with anticipation. Her blank stare is to represent the unknown, the goggle is to denote things we don’t want to see and the chin strap prevents us from speaking freely.

The glove (hand) represent us, I wore down the gloves to give the indication of times gone by.

Sometime memories have a way of coming back, always beckon and haunt us. Good or bad, it always there.


I was thinking about the Master and Servant challenge and wanted to create something different. Rather than going with the 2 character interaction, I wanted to go for something more inner; more of a personal demon. I was always a slave to my past memories; always living in the past. And I think that sometimes influence my decision in life. So I set out to create an image that would reflect that. Since drawing my portrait was just plain boring, I decided to incorporated some of the things that interest me the most. Girls, WW2 era and tattoos. :slight_smile:


Some of you might have already seen this picture. When I heard about the challenge, I got really excited and pretty much gloss over the rules and regulation. Just like in classes, I didn’t paid attention, so I went off and proceed to meet the challenge. I did finished the painting and later realized that I might have disqualify myself by not posting the work in progress. Anyway I posted my problem to the good people at CGtalks and they told me that I could still enter the contest. Since my piece is already done, I will post the various stages of the painting for your critiques. And any comments that you offer I will gladly modify the painting. Boy, do I feel like an idiot.


I wanted to captured those old photos from the WW2 era and created this background texture for the piece. I added noise and a film grain to simulate that old feeling. I used a soft lead pencil and added minimal colors to the piece in Photoshop.


I started to detail in the face and the chin guard.


This is where I start to lay down the color for the rest of the picture. I started to flesh out her skin color and proceed to details in various elements.


In this layer is where I started to add details and colors to the tattoo. Here I’m fleshing it out a bit, since the line drawing is a bit confusing. I started out wanting to design a serpent or a dragon, but in the end opted to go with something non-distict. The tattoo is made up of 3-part, 1 on the arm, the other 2 on the back. This is to signify 3 dramatic things that happen to me in my life. And inside of each section represent various decisions that changes the course of my life. I won’t bore you with the details, but that how I came about the piece. Also on this layer, I left out the background, so you can see the details.


I created this layer to mimic the old worn out photo. I took one of my old picture that I have and pretty much worn it down. I ripped the edge and tear it up a bit, also I burn the edge as well. Scan it into photoshop and played around with the levels and used it as a dodge layer in PS.


I’m surprised that nobody is commenting on this!:shrug: This is really beautiful! …and well done! I am looking forward to seeing this when it is done.:thumbsup:


This is a fantastic piece, and I like the detail you put in with the tattoos. I also like the WWII era headgear. Great Job!:thumbsup:


This piece is really nice…you did an awesome job… I need to point out though that you still haven’t obeyed the rules in that you need to submit your milestones through cg talk, and not your own image hosting site… if you go to the challenge page, you can click on submit and submit to each milestone (consept sketch, line art, color wip, etc…) I would just hate for this to get eliminated due to not submitting correctly.


Here is the final line drawing.

Thanks to mybutterflyiris for pointing out that I need to submit each milestone through CGtalks and not hosting it on my own site. I’m such a dummy :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that this image is very strong and introspective which I like because it is very unique
Your drawing technique is well defined. keep up the good work…



absolutely flawless. You should be proud.


Greetings! Very good figure!
The good school of drawing is felt!
Tattoo too it is good!


In this layer I started painting in her face and tattoo. I wanted to fleshed out the tattoo more since the pencil looks a bit confusing.


Background layer added, and various details are refined.


i love the design and pencil work :slight_smile:
keep it up the good work


Wow man this is absolutely amazing! your lines are great as are you colors! I respect this piece very much. I cant wait to see more!! So whats the theme? is she the master or…? Well good luck!!!


man,those tattoos look great, the bacground’s magnificient, too.

aand the girl aaand the goggles :smiley: