Master and Servant 2D Entry: Guillaume Ospital


That’s the final one and it’s called “That’s the way!” (which is a stupid title). That’s funny how the picture turned out to be quite different from what I had in mind. Ho well.
As for the challenge itself, it was a blast to participate and see how other people worked. Quite fascinating and full of great lessons. I just wish I had more time to comment other people works :confused:
I’d really like to thank very much every single person who took some time to comment my tiny picture, that was really nice of you, something rare on the internet those days. /bow

Well, I almost forgot to write a little story to go with the picture (I’m sorry about the lousy english and the looooong text)

It’s the story of a little girl called Plume. She was raised by an aunt of some sort who happened to own a restaurant on a small island. As soon as she was able to walk and hold things, Plume had to help with the clients and became a well known waitress.
The place was swarming with many kinds of people among whom were pirates. These guys were always talking about their adventures, and the treasures they were about to find, and the bottles they were about to drink. And then they would drink said bottles, and break them, and fight, and sleep, and drink a little more. Ultimately, they would go back to their ships and disappear in the horizon.
As time went by, Plume grew eager to become a pirate herself (mostly for the adventure part of the job; as she was not really into being drunk and stumbling all over the place). But no crew would take a girl that young with them, so she figured she had to be her own crew. She took what money she had gained over the years and decided to go to the city and buy a ship.
What you have to know about this world is that every boat was mounted on top of an animal. Cruelest pirates quite logically chose to ride sharks, whereas big merchandise ships were mainly using whales.
But sharks and whales cost a lot of money. So Plume had to buy one of the cheapest, slowest animals on sale: an octopus called Omally. She also bought a little boat to put on top of Omally, the kind of boat parents buy for their kids. Everybody laughed at Plume and Omally as they set sail for the first time.
After that day, they were seen in many places, living many adventures, avoiding many drinking and stumbling all over the place, and never finding any treasures. But, hey, Plume got to ride a really cool octopus for her whole life and Omally had a nice mistress. As far as fun and aventures go, I’ll take that over any treasure everyday of the year.


haha nice one crowley …i love it :smiley:

the flag is really cool …i really like your style and im glad u joined this challenge :thumbsup:

congrats for finishing this :applause::applause:


Hey, thanks Tris3d, that’s nice :slight_smile:
Vahn, thanks mate. I just saw that you had already posted your final image yesterday. Congratulations!
Thank you Paperclip, Archie and Arkinet: you really helped this evening :slight_smile:
And while I’m at it, many thanks again to every people who dropped by my little thread. That was sooo mushy :smiley:
Good luck everybody with the judging :thumbsup:


CONGRATULATIONs bro. LOOKS AWESOME even with that slight adjustment. VERY nice work and absolutely BRILLIANT piece. :bowdown: :bowdown:
GOodluck and it’s was fun watching your thread.

cheers :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Nice work! It’s good to see something in a different style. Good Luck!


No constructive things to say, just wanted to say that I like your drawing, really !! :slight_smile:


Wonderful entry Crowley!!! :thumbsup: I see this in action. It could be well loking in animation.
Anyway this is one of my favorites. This image has such an inspiration.
Good work. All the best in the contest.



Not mushy enough!!
Glad I could help in the production of such a beautiful picture…
C’est extrêmement beau. La bonne chance dans le juger !


whheee Omally :smiley:
lovely work! turned out great
wish you the best for this


this is just too prettyful. Awesome job, I love the way you finished it =)


Thanks for droping by my humble thread, your image is awesome,
I wish you all the luck in the world, I admire those how can make
great stylized drawings such as yours, Cheers!! :smiley:


What a great wonderful style you have, Guillaume! This looks great and put a smile on my face - the expression on the octopus is fantastic. Very nice pic. Good luck!


Just a word to say you, great job man !
Colors are awesome
Some little thing in girl leg too tight for me !
Little Octopuss, isn’t it cute ???

Thanx for showing the world your secret talent !



Well, I had to tweak tiny things (that nobody will notice), so here’s my final, final, final image. Thanks again for the really nice words and the support, this was a blast :slight_smile:


Archie: thanks mate. It was a blast to participate :slight_smile:

[b]rwitzsche:[/b] thanks, glad you like it :)

[b]Ani:[/b] thanks a lot, that's nice :)

[b]Velinov:[/b] wow, you absolutely humble me. Thanks a lot :)

[b]paperclip:[/b] Merci Theresa, that's really nice. And thanks again for the help! :)

[b]eparts:[/b] huhu, glad you like the name, and thanks a lot :)

[b]BlacKeri:[/b] thank you, I really appreciate :)

[b]maxetormer:[/b] wow, that's really nice. Thank you :)

[b]Matt[/b]: from someone with such an awesome style, it's a huge compliment. Thanks a lot and good luck finishing your picture :)

[b]jjjazzz:[/b] thanks a lot mate! I know about that leg... I, err... I kinda forgot. Hum. *whistle*

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just sit down, relax and watch my brand new dvd of Kung Fu Hustle. Good luck everybody, and thank you soooo much.


You are my wallpaper ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Err, don’t pay attention to this. Just posted the wrong final image yesterday and wanted to correct that. whistle

(btw, thanks student :slight_smile:


this is definatly a unq image from the style to the livelyness of the characters withinit. i drool at how happy we all can be… not me. be i wish upon…



Hi crowley, i can’t see your whole thread, but i love your work, my best wish in this challenge


Awesome and unique colorscheme and style! One of my fav. in this contest! :thumbsup: Good luck!