Master and Servant 2D Entry: Guillaume Ospital


Vey cute! Your color palette resembles Disney Animations. I realy like the concept and execution. Good luck.


Close ups are cool… so very very clean and lovely…

I think it’ll be super when it’s all done!!

And I want an octopus to sail… it looks like fun!


Nice clean style, crystal clear… love it.


Mr. Octo’s hat is pretty much done, but I’m not sure it’s really that cool… The little lamp is finished too. There are still some details I have to work on here and there (mostly tweakings on the face of the girl, based on 1st_angel comments; and adding wind in her hair, as Art2 suggested). And I have to do the water and background, of course, since they’re like 0% done. Ack.
As always, any comment/critic/advice is welcome. Thank you!


Arc80: thanks mate, that’s awfully nice :smiley:

Kornel: thanks a lot, I hope I won’t disappoint :slight_smile:

sgtpepper: wow, that’s nice :smiley: Thanks a lot (and it was my pleasure to comment your picture: I really love it)

thank you!

spacesnail: huhu, thanks a lot :slight_smile: (et pour le cacatoes, c’est une riche idée que je vais m’employer à réaliser… si j’ai le temps)

kerembeyit: thanks for the comparison, that’s cool :slight_smile:

duddlebug: thanks for dropping by :slight_smile: And well, anything involving octopus is fun because octopus are, in essence, fun.

Jezzarts: thank you very much! You humble me :slight_smile:


Honestly, i think the details you have enough. You don’t want it to contrast too much of the simplicity you have with your overall style. But anyway, the details you just added is perfect, effective, and good touch. JUst maybe darken the octopus’s shadow a tad bit, just a tad bit.

I hope i see this idea animated one day. I think it will do well as a nice short story. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce:



Well, I’ve reached my limits for this one. I still have some very small details to correct, but the picture is mostly finished. Ultimately, I decided to keep a simple background. I tried several things (an island, a ship, a fleet of pirates riding octopusses etc.) but they didn’t really work. Maybe I’ll try again this evening, or tomorrow; and then I’ll post the final and upload it.
As always, any comment or critic is welcome.

Here’s a link to a larger version, if anyone happen to be interested (you never know :slight_smile: ).
And also a little close-up on the girl’s face:


Have you ever tried adding Seaguls flying on the back. Specifically, top left corner of your page. Just a suggestion :smiley:

still looks AWESOME bro :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Guillaume, you are almost done, I love this little peice, very simple but very awesome but I have to agree with Arc80, a few seagles would add up alote to your image especially in the empty space.

Genial ton image.



It reminds me of Matt Dixon’s ‘monkey girl’, which I also love. This is a very cool picture and I really like the simplicity and beauty of this. The colours in the sky are just perfect.
Hurray for you!
Good luck in the judging! :thumbsup:


hehe, yeah i dig the seagulls idea, eventually 2 dolpins for her crew as well?

looking so cute, keep on rocking Mate!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


hheeehe i luv it,great style!


Well, I tried to add some seagulls but they ended up looking like bats. Or flies. Big flies. I don’t know… Shoudl I keep them?
I also added some ropes here and there, jsut for fun, but you’ll have to look at thelarger version of the pic to see them :slight_smile:
Any comment is welcome as I’ll upload the final image and the TIFF in the next few hours. Time for ultimate suggestions and tweakings :smiley:


Hey Guillaume, I think you should either make the seagulls bigger or just make them little vs. They are too detailed to be too far away, but they are too small to be close up…see?

Also I would put them higher up in the picture, right now they are cluttering up the bottom half of the picture, put a couple of teeny seagulls up where you have that beautiful big sky…
Other than that, amazing work, very cool indeed! :thumbsup: That sky…so pretty…


Dude, very NIIICE. Just push them back a bit and grey them out. and maybe 2 or 3 midium ones flying close to your characters on the top left. Other than that. ABOSULETY BRILLIANT :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :applause:

cheers and goodluck on the final image.


Paperclip & Archie, thanks for your suggestions.
I tried to put them higher in the sky, but they really look like bats, or little stains. On the other hand, I reduced them as Paperclip suggested, and it’s much better I think. Thank you very much for that :slight_smile:
I also tried to blend them a little in the sky (thanks Archie!), and deleted some of them to avoid any confusion with the water drops…
As for some closer seaguls… Well, to be frank, I’m a little tired and lazy right now, so I think I’ll stop there and post the final image :smiley: (I know, I know, I should be ashamed to say that kind of things :smiley: )


i agree w/ paperclip & arc80… a few gulls wont kill the picture & maybe put some up higher… overall, your stuffs’ cute… & hurry up!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Ok, here’s a pic with some seaguls up in the sky. Tell me what you think. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi sorry didn’t see this in the making! Looks really great!! I think I actually prefer the previous arrangements of seagulls! Both are still good though! Really colourfull piece! Good luck!


Perfect! :thumbsup:

You don’t want to make the seagulls the main focus of the picture, the picture just needed a little …something there and now it has it!

The entire picture is finished now…congratulations! Go and submit it!:applause: