Master and Servant 2D Entry: Guillaume Ospital


refreshing to see something like this… your colours are great… enjoying watching it form


I love you concept and character designs a lot. The characters are very cute. The color choices are really beautiful. keep updating. Best of luck.


hey, you’ve got a really intriguing style… can’t wait to see this come along. From somebody who doesn’t specialise in colouring either all i can say is enjoy the experience, i kinda figure that’s what this contest is all about…getting a chance to share thoughts with your peers, push a few limits ouside your normal comfort zone, and foremost of all, enjoy yourself. Looks great so far!


New update, new colors. The previous color scheme was a little too… violent. So I decided to go with something more pastel. It’s really basic, nothing final, but I think I’m getting closer to what I wanted (the keywords being “nice and funny”), and the overall mood seems more coherent.
As usual, any comment/critic/advice is much appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:


W!L, keko, Paul Davidson, jeromoo, BlacKeri, stefn, artjunkie: thanks a lot for the kind comments. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Walrus & Thierry: thanks for the tip about the eyes. I was going to just make them plain white, but you got a good point there.
As for the background island, well… I fear it might take the attention away from the characters. On the other hand, it made the picture a little less empty. Maybe by making it fade in the distance…

am7: I’ve tried some other angles, but I always came back to his one. I know it’s not original and very basic, but I kinda like its simplicity :slight_smile:

redfrog: I couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:


just getting better and better


hehe your colors are nice and fit to the cute style.

I liked the close shot on your sketch in post #17 … bring us closer crowley ! :smiley: :applause:


this pic getting pretty good indeed…
…I don’t know why but i like the way the tentacles of the octopus appears under the water and i can say it is realy interesting conception about this expression. There is much work ahead of you, but i can see it’s good style of drawing.
Though it’s a cartoon character the hand of the girl (the left one) appears to me shorter than it have to be, perhaps you must work on that.
Actualy i like the point of view, because it seams to be the best descriptive angle, especialy if the tentacles will be included, and i think to make the under-water side of the octopus visible (well at least a bit of it) is very in common to the style of drawing, and it’s pass pretty good…this is my opinion…keep goin


Hmm… how about changing their direction? The pirate girl could be pointing her sword at an oncoming ship in the distance. Gives the whole scene a sense of purpose instead of just posing and trying to be cute and all. Maybe that oncoming ship could be trying to flee from them because the people on the ship know too well about her ‘fearsome’ reputation. Just an idea. :slight_smile:


great animation looking art you got there. and yup the octo a bit difficult to read. cheeers maaan.


Dude, this is awesome. Anyway, this is cool. Love the style and i can definately see this as a neat 2D animation. The gestures and the colours are great too. It feels a little empty though. Maybe add something on the background or something floating on the foreground. I don’t know… just thinking here, hehehe. I’ll be keeping up with this. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



W!L: thank you! :slight_smile:

Vahn: thank you! I’ll post close-ups soon :slight_smile:

asparta: thanks for taking time to comment :slight_smile:
About the underwater view, it’s still planned, but I didn’t work much on the water the other day and kinda forgot to do that part. Hem. :rolleyes:
And for the left hand and arm, I agree. It’s something that’s been bugging me for quite some time now, and I just corrected it. :smiley:

jugeras: thank you. I’ll try to fix that in my next update. :slight_smile:

jeromoo & Arc80: thanks for the comments. :smiley:
I know my image looks empty and purposeless right now, and it’s indeed something that’s worrying me, even if I’ve some ideas to fill both background and foreground.
The overall composition is not really good but it’s a little too late to make big changes, so I’ll have to deal with it and do my best. But I guess this is a good lesson I learned here: don’t just draw your characters in the easiest postures and call it a day. Think about the global composition.

Anyway, thanks everybody for the comments, I really appreciate the help a lot. :thumbsup:


Ok, now I’m really late.
The pirate girl still requires some tweakings but she’s mostly finished.
Crits, comments and advices are most welcome. Thank you :slight_smile:


your choice of colors is excellent … i personally like that simple shading … its what i used to do last year when i was drawing a comic and started to learn photoshop :smiley:

I like the shading on the ship … ah i just see … her left leg ( the one she slung around the mast ) the boots rim should be a bit darker at the top … it has no depth atm and looks painted on the skin :slight_smile:

other than that… im looking forward to see the whole picture in that style :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Coming along beautifully! :slight_smile: Colours are fab, and she really cute and appealing! Do you do animation as well Guillaume? Your style lends itself to traditional 2D really well…


amazing idea and so hilariously presented :smiley: I think this is the cutest and funniest entry so far. Love the look of the squid and how fast he swims after the command of the mistress.

the composition is great, and i love how the water is splashing around them. As for the girl, I would personally have her to scream out a message to the boat/squid… like Come on comrades… or just Yarrrrrr… a different expression would be great i think. But i still like this face too… like she is proud and really like her servant. good relationship atleast!


This is looking really cute! Great jopb on the girl, and i love the little crab too. She looks kind of young - it’s the large eyes - so I find the lack of underwear a bit disturbing… But then, what do I know, I’m just a prudish, closed-minded Yank! :slight_smile:
Anyhow, love how it’s coming, great work!



The only thing i could critzs is the rib cage area is looking a little flat. Oh and i do kinda agree with WALRUS on the underwear issue, hehehe.
Other than that, LOVE the style dude :thumbsup: TRES MANIFIQUE



Hi Guillaume …happy to have found you’re thread…this is a real nice piece you have…I really like the style and idea…the large hat is a nice touch,and the outfit a unique design…the overall idea is a nice and fun one…Just coming by to say I like you’re entry from all spects…Keep it up as you are,very well done…I’ll look in again to see you’re final touches…All the best to you…:arteest:


Supersweet work. I really dig your loveley toon style! keep on rocking!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: