Master and Servant 2D Entry: Guillaume Ospital


your style is really good… i love this stuff. can just see the action in the few simple lines you have drawn… and the pirate girl is ace… pirates rock! nought to crt… just keep it coming…

and i have seen you in my thread lurking about for ages you stealth ninja you… no comments for me?


That is an enjoyable scene. Really like the over/under water view.


hehe i like your style … im gonna watch this :thumbsup:

will u show more sky/clouds or will u stick to a wide format ?


Hi William !

Here I am to help you as I can for your speed problem !
At first, you design is pretty good ans it looks fun cartoon with just enought details on th pretty little chicky pirates woman.
About your last design : (As you know, I’m a little 3D animator mix with drummer and 2D drawer)… and your wave is incline to push the litlle Pussy named “Pulpy” to the left of the field. So incline just a little bit “Pulpy” in this direction , the boat on the other side and with your Woman showing the left too but bent to the right, you will have a big bent force line. Is that really clear for you. It will be like a Indiana Jones’whip in action…
You will have more stuff like a take “in action”.

Regards little big boy.



First of all… this picture rules… I feel warm every time I see it:love: !!

I’ve printed it off and shown it around the office and here are some of the names we have come up with… lol, you are not obliged to pick any of these:D

*H.M.S manylegs
*H.M.S whipdiddle (lol)
*Colin… lol
*Colin’s mum… (enough) :surprised:
*In the Navy
*Voyage of 8
*Dude where’s my boat?
*Return of the, oh wait, no way, you’re kidding… he didn’t just pull in on a humongous octopus did he?

lol… feel the love


nice character sketchs! nice starting!
good luck:)


i’ll have to keep an eye on this one. its always nice to see some sillyness.


ei man, i like this drawing. The concept is realy original so and the style. The character is very plastic and with good outfit, i’m interested what going to be the final composition, and collaboration in the scene. At this stage of work it looks very nice, i’m eager to see the final solution…


I finally found some time to finish the line. I wanted to post it last week-end, but I shamefully failed.
I’m not really happy with the line, because it still got some serious visual issues, but I guess I’ll have to deal with them while coloring. Ho well.


The “final” composition. In the background, really badly and quickly drawn, is an island. I didn’t want to show ground at first, but now I’m wondering. I you have any advice or comment or critic about that, or anything else, feel free to tell me. Thank you for dropping by :slight_smile:

Ho, and I forgot: the flying things that look like dead levitating cut-in-half muffins are clouds. I swear.


spacesnail: thanks a lot. Doing my best :smiley:

duddlebug: thank you very much :slight_smile: And as you guessed, it wasn’t the final composition, just a shot of the octopus. As for the software, I’m going to use photoshop. I love illustrator rendering, but I want to try some things I never gave a shot at, like wet surfaces etc.

oatz: thank you! Glad you like it.

Vahn: thanks for your interest! Yes, clouds and sky are definitively planned. (love your avatar btw :slight_smile:

Jimmimak: haha, thank you, these are cool names. Thank the people at your office for me :slight_smile:

Jjjaaazzz: thank you; that helped (ho and Pulpy is a nice name too :slight_smile:

anil6tr, W!L, goktug, RiverBarge, Asparta: thank you very much for your interest and the kind comments :slight_smile:


I’m not much of a colorist. I usually stick with big blocks of color, and I’m happy with that. But since this thing is called a “challenge”, I want to try things I never tried before. So here’s my first attempt at a more “brushy” style. It came as a real surprise but I actually enjoyed that. It offers lots of freedom (perhaps too much freedom actually :smiley: ) and it’s kinda fun.
Nothing is really blocked in at this stage. This is mostly me playing with Photoshop brushes and discovering that it’s more cool than defining selections with the pencil tool :smiley:
Once I’m more confident, I’ll erase it all and start again from scratch.
But I’d really appreciate to get any kind of feedback. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Your concept and character designs are pure GENIOUS! I’m sorry I haven’t noticed your thread before! :eek: Looks like you have a great start on your paints… I can’t wait to see more updates. Keep going, my friend… awesome work!

Cheers! :applause:


I like the character design too, great job. I like your use of color .

allez ! courage!


This is looking really nice! What a charming, fun scene! The face of the octopus is a little hard to read at the moment, but I’m sure that once you work more on his eyes, it’ll be a lot more clear. I also like where you were going with the background island in that earlier sketch, and hope you’ll reincorporate that. Anyhow, very delightful, good luck with it as you move forward… and good for you for challenging yourself with the color. It’s the only way to grow…! :slight_smile:



Oh my my, this is so fun! It’s a real pleasure to look at it, the color choices are really sweet and make the mood pop out stronger. Awfully cute, I love! :smiley:


Hi Crowley, nice and funny picture. Original concept too. :thumbsup:

I agree with Walrus, try to make the eyes of the octopus more readable. This is looking for the moment like a drawing from a comic where these kind of expressions are common and ok with a certain style, but I think for an illustration it needs to be defined a little more.

Looking forward to see it finished, good luck!:slight_smile:


I only want to say that that octopus is so cute! Awwww!

the concept is very lighthearted. Definetely refreshing!


Lots of fun…fantastic!



Great style and thoose concepts are great! But I think you can do a better composition! Have you thought of trying this shot from different camera angles/perspectives?

Keep it up man!