Master and Servant 2D Entry: Guillaume Ospital


Guillaume Ospital has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: That’s the way! (again)

Err, don’t pay attention to this. Just posted the wrong final image yesterday and wanted to correct that. whistle

(btw, thanks student :slight_smile:


yo guiom

Cool j’ai la 1ere reponse

Les images !! les images !!!

Bisous Ben


Well, it’s about a female pirate sailing on her octopuss pet/ship.
I’m already late and still trying to figure out the basics of the image: vertical or horizontal layout? Will the pirate girl just be sitting there or rather standing in a more dynamic pose? Why did I chose an octopuss since I’m obviously not able to draw a single tentacle correctly?


Some slightly more detailed versions of the vertical layout.


A first try at the octopuss. Not quite sure of his expression yet. Not quite sure of anything actually :slight_smile:


I guess I’ll have to draw at least one trillion versions of this character before getting anything I’m happy with.
It’s a very early doodle; I’m still wondering if I should go with something more cartoonish and simple or not.
Crits and suggestions of any kind are most welcome :slight_smile:


Hey man! I love you’r style and concepts! Keep it up, I’m sure you are on the right direction. Do you have a homepage, where I can see some more of you’r sketches? :slight_smile:


Very nice artwork, i love it, good luck with your challenge


Cool chic. She looks a little dejected. She’s a pirate right?


very pitty longstockingish… great work cant wait to see how this evolves!


Thanks for the cool comments :smiley:

R Frederickson > Dejected? I don’t know, maybe she’s just pouty or something :slight_smile:
am7 > I don’t have a site; working on it though.


Super Charcaters!

The octopus is cool… and a like the little octopus on the hilt of the sword.

Dunno what to suggest about stylisation (i’m having the same dilemma) except just go with it and see what comes out the other end!!


Lovely sketches and characters! This looks fun! I like your name too! :wink:


Ho my. Both Duddlebug and Poshspice (a Gaiman and Pratchett reader hm? ;)) answering my tiny thread. This forum definitively lacks a faint smiley. Thank you! :smiley:


Not the best drawing I ever made, but I had to post something or simply give up :slight_smile:
This version of the pirate girl is a little awkward: I’m still not exactly sure of the amount of complexity and details I want in the final image, so I just doodle and see what’s coming out of it.
Any comment or critic is really appreciated :slight_smile:


It may be tiny (at the moment!), but it’s perfectly formed! :slight_smile: Your characters have heaps of personality! And I really look forward to where your ideas go! I like the pirate girl with her big hat! And yes, I have read ‘Good Omens’… :smiley:


Ho boy, has it really been a week? Hopefully, the line art will be done soon and I’ll finally be able to start adding color. Seeing all the wonderful color work in other threads is really inspiring and motivating. But I guess that’s the point :slight_smile:

I’m finally getting close to the final design of Mister Octopus (if anybody comes up with a better name, let me know :). The… err… thing on its head is pretty rough and still needs some tweaking/details/stuff but I’m quite happy with it.
The octopus itself also needs tweaking: I’m not sure at all one feels any speed in its posture, which is odd since there are big waves behind him. Yeah, those are waves. Kinda. Just there for testing purpose.

Any comment/critic/advice is most welcome. Thank you :slight_smile:


Your last coloured sketch is really funny !:thumbsup:
Nothing to be crit for the moment
Keep going on :bounce:


Hahaha… the octopus with the boat on his head is hilarious!

I love the cartoony feel… the irregular eyes… the big mouth… the BiG waves…

As far as the overall composition goes, i think it’d be worth moving him right a bit though (i dunno whether this is your composition or just a shot to show the octopus). He’s a bit too central at the moment…

Can’t wait to see you get into the colour. Are you going to use Photoshop? Or illustrator?


really very very very funy and succesful drawings…