Master and Servant 2D Entry: Frankie Franco III


Like many things in this thread : concept (very original), great colors, expressions…
It’s really great. Impatient to see it finished


Thats a real nice concept Frankie… i like the idea and the fun aspect and interesting setup…Real nice,and well done too,I;ll watch the last steps,best of luck to you…:arteest:


Thanx for all of the encouragement guys! Funny you mention the process. That is my favorite part. I love the sketching and forming ideas and concepts. The finished piece if secondary for me. But i think others are the same way, well I would like to think it at least.


Looks good man. I’m still debating on the side panel selection. I’d like to see how it looks like with background.



wow…‘queen of heart’…nice idea and painting.:thumbsup:
and love ur hunter’s concept too.
goog luck.:slight_smile:


You are too kind… especialy now b/c i just noticed a massive tangent ill need to fix.


You are too kind… especialy now b/c i just noticed a massive tangent ill need to fix.


Frankie , very nice work, I love the head in her hand hehe “off with their heads” :thumbsup:


Thanx. I hope I didn’t lose the subilty of the head when I re-painted it and worked it into the final composition.


Good progress you have made, Frankie. Can’t wait to see your finished piece.


Excellent work Frankie. I love this illustration. Very original and the design is solid.


Ta da! Thanx for all the input. And I hope I put up a good fight and gave you all a run for your money.


congrats on a solid image Frankie! :thumbsup:


Im sorry guys. I thougth i did this already. My bad. I was confused I put the final color, but not the final image.


i like the concept and the realization. The style of paint is good. Great work, and good luck for the end


Hiya frankie,

there has been so many images i hadn’t seen, This is a great piece, the idea is an oldie but a goodie and you have done it well :thumbsup:

Mark E5


interesting concept and the painting is pretty well exercuted.i wish u luck and all the best!


It looks sooo Good Frankie! Keep up the painting… and keep in touch! Good Luck!

my email:


Thanx all, i had a lot of fun on this contest. Just just hope i can keep up with all you big leaguers!


Very interesting piece but your image looks incomplete to me.

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