Master and Servant 2D Entry: Frankie Franco III


Yeah this is just a character study.


Hey Frankie, nice design; I like her look of indifference.
Her right forearm is a little short.


I really love the colors you chose, and her expression is wonderful too. Keep up the good work!


I think the colors work really well, though the plum gets a little lost next to the red. As to the crown design … I like it as more of a tiara like shape rather than a full crow. But if you’re not happy with it, try giving it a few more points and see if that does anything for you. I think the severed head could work, portent of what’s to come to the rest of her servants. But there are other ways you can imply their impending doom. It’s looking really good.


Love your sketches, good ideas :slight_smile: The last addition looks great! The characters expression is very cool! :smiley: Good luck!


Sweet pictures! Since you mentioned it, I agree that queenie’s crown looks like Wonder Woman’s. Since she’s all about her roses and her dress can be looked as an inverted flower, why not incorporate thorns into the design of her crown? It would match her “thorny” personality (rimshot:D ). I think I prefer her holding a rose rather than a severed head, especially if the rose is dripping red paint. If you’ve got some free space in the background you could include some guards chasing a guy who’s holding a white paintbrush.

Let’s see the layout! I can’t wait to see more. I’m also a Lewis Carroll fan.


frankie franco the third.

very very nice. beautiful gesture and your colors are nice. very very nicely done so far. goodluck. keep truckin, you have a great piece in the works here.


Thanx for the kind words gentlemen. Thanx for the crown idead, i sorta/tried to incorporate the thorns into it. I did the line work yesturday, ill post it when i get off of work.


Okay he is the official mile stone for line art (But I kinda already started painting and stuff…so shhhhhh). And painting is next! My Goodness Im excited!!


Looking good Frankie Franklin Francis Frank N. Fuerter Franco III.


yeh looks great!


Here is the first step of coloring the final. Like the background? Are the values working?
I wanted to stayaway frm a cheery blue sky.


nice work frak! iam likeing your concepts and the cartoony style


Love the style, and the facial expressions :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


What color should I use on the servants costumes?

Is it becomeing too muddy?

Any crits would be WONDERFUL!!!


I would keep the servant’s costumes fairly drab and earthy, that way they do not clash with the woman’s red dress. Her dress should be the most saturated thing in the illo in my opinion.

Nice piece. Can’t wait to see the final!



Hmmm i like the whole muted suggestion. I think this is a bit much… i wish I had read it sooner…lol

well im going to go back and see what i can do. Im thinking some brown and red or cream stripes.


Lookin’ good frankie! I just love the overall tone of the piece… her dress is beautiful… I love the style! Keep up the fabulous work!


good luck…nice figure you ve drawn, waiting for the final one…


I moved the guy the to her left/our right back a bit to give her more room. and I extended the ground plain to the edges of the composition.

Any suggestions?