Master and Servant 2D Entry: Frankie Franco III


I like! Good luck :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s sweet. I like your style, and the comp. :smiley:
Nothing to crit right now.


Like it too.
But I got something to crits : your pictures are too small ! :smiley:


lil more…
sorry there so small the next one will be larger.


hey man ^^ take time to do somethin bigger and more impressive ,
yous eems to have good skills in drawing / painting but you rush… yous till have a montht to finish the contest :slight_smile: take time there is so much great pics here you’ll have hard time if you do this to quick :slight_smile:

anyway grreat start , will look ofrward to see what is going on!


that looks soo good… comositions and colours are excellent… cants wait to see more stuff


Hey Frankie… I love the composition… especially the border and the leaves and bow coming out… I also LOVE tigers and can’t wait to see how you render him out… Good luck


hey, this is looking nice. cool characters, colours and sketches.


Thank you guys! I appreciate all the input and comments. However I am moving through this rather fast, I have to overnight this tomarrow to meet the dead line for the contest, but i hope it dosen’t come off as rushed. :argh:

Oh well, wha da ya gunna do? :hmm:


Fini… but more to come with the Queen of Hearts!
(this was a side project that i was working on too)


Cool stuff Frak. Now get back to the “Queen of Hearts” I kid, I kid :thumbsup:


I love your style, I’m speechless otherwise… keep them coming…


Here is a color study of the queen, it took me long enought to get this down, but im happy with this color rendition. Any suggestion or crits?

I like the cram, deep read, and plumb.


i love the idea of Alice’s Queen of Hearts.
What is the Master & Servant Concept of this one in particular? :smiley:

Naomi ^^


She is going have her servants paint the white roses red.
Get it?


Hi frak, lovely concept work thus far. I’m with the masses on the fact that it’s the better idea… I know I’ve seen another concept with a tiger and his master as an arabic looking warrior with the tiger in almost exactly that pose. But the queen is looking pretty amazing, the colour combination in her dress is one of my favourites. And now I have the disney song that accompanies that scene stuck in my head… “we’re painting the roses red, we’re painting the roses red…”

great stuff, keep it up!


yewp, i get it. :slight_smile:
i have to agree with the last post, i really liked her dress. and i like the fact that this is a differnt queen when compared to so many illustrations i´ve seen of her. fun stuff!



How do you guys like the crown? Too wonder woman-esk? SHould I make it into a full crown? I dunno, and I would love any suggestions.


Okay, my original concept did not have her holding the severed head in the final, that was just for a acharacter study thing… do you guys feel that I should leave the severed head in the illustartion? Maybe add a hat that the others are wearing?



i really enjoyed the severed head - it shows how vicious this queen can be…
though, i have a question - is this part of the visual concept, or that´s sorta how it´s gonna look? Í like your idea of having them paint the roses red… i was just wondering, because i don’t get the idea just looking at this picture. you know?
anyways… that´s it.