Master and Servant 2D Entry: Frankie Franco III


Frankie Franco III has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Queen of Hearts

Im sorry guys. I thougth i did this already. My bad. I was confused I put the final color, but not the final image.


Here are some begging concepts of my idea. I am going to do the Queen of hearts, with her servants painting her roses red be hind her while she is in her garden.

I havent drawn the background yet, im still developing the character.


Playing with some color quickly.
I want you use some deep reds, plum, and cream at the main colors. I\'m trying to base it off of an ornament i have at me home.

Im goigng to need to add white and greens too.


great drawings!!! lovely.

keep goin!


Very nice artwork and I really like your color choice.


Face… i like this face better


In the final she wont be holding the sever head… its just kinf=da fitting for here character.

Normally im not so morbid.


its fine to be morbid lol.

this looks great!


Welcome to the challenge. Good start. I really enjoy your drawings and the concept is great. I look forward to seeing it fully composed.


Thanks for the encouragement guys!

Im working on the other character now and the background.

Anyone have some good reference for rose garden’s. i googled it, but i wasn’t too happy with the results.


here are some really, REALLY rough concepts for the environment. I realize most of these looks like incoherent babble, but they help me weed through the possibilities.

She is going to be smelling/looking at a rose bush of red roses, and behind her they are going to be frantically painting the white roses red. She is going to have a way snobby vibe to her.

I want it to be in a rose garden, with topiary type rose bushes. Right now I’m struggling with keeping areas open for the servants (2 I think, and I’ll explain later why I’m only going to have two) and not making it look so flat. I having some trouble with the far, far background. What should I put on the horizon line?

Should I maybe work a guillotine in the background somehow? Subtly.


This sounds like a great idea Frak, very well thought out. I enjoy your sketches and am looking forward to more. Not much to critique until after you get the compostion fully developed. Good job :thumbsup:


These are some concept designs of the guys that will be painting the roses red. Originally I was only going to have 2 doing it. B/c they were going to be the 2 jokers from the deck of cards…but sketching it out it looks better with an whole entourage going at the whole garden at once.

I’ll post it once I have the roughts finished… and then to the final LINE ART,


I was doing this for something totally unrelted,but then I realized, hey it could fit here too!!

No worries, I’m still working on the Queen of Hearts one as my primary.

What do you all thing? Any suggestion on a color palete?


I really like the Queen. The Huntress is a really sweet piece too, but I have a personal thing for Lewis Carrol’s works. :slight_smile: I like the pose you have sketched up in the little thumbnails of her holding a bud and turning back to her minions. I must say I like your take on the queen of Hearts, very … heartless, no? I look forward to seeing where both the Queen and the Huntress go.


Hunter and Tiger is being done by someone else. I suggest you stick with your primary idea because no one has done it yet. I think the tigers position is the same as that other artist did.


Thanx guy’s. Yeah i’m only posting this b/c it fits the contest andf i wanted to shre, i plan on developing the Queen one much more.


Nice sketch Frak, really nice. Though I do like the Queen of Hearts idea better. However, should you have time, I would take the tiger image to completion also.


lil coloring


Looking good, love the subject matter, looking forward to the end result!
The cat stepping out of the pic really emphasises the perspective!