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Latest Update: Coloring WIP: evolution

Hi all

Just another painting step. Sorry for the lack of participation lately - I am in the middle of a mega crunch freelance period. I very much want to complete this in time but we shall see…


may I be the first to say good luck and that I am looking forward to your work.


Francis! Love your work, I think I visit your site at least once a month (hoping for updates). Welcome! and Good creation!



so amaze, you are my favourite artist of all time:thumbsup: can’t believe u join challenge! if u have time give me some advice:bowdown:


Hey buddy!

Good Luck on this one:thumbsup:




good luck :slight_smile:
leaving my mark to get updated on the thread.


I recently read a book called “The Age of Spiritual Machines” by Ray Kurzweil (yes, THAT Ray Kurzweil for the musicians here). It was a really interesting book, covering the evolution of intelligent/thinking machines, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and how all those technologies will evolve and in turn let us evolve. (

In the book Kurzweil traces the development of web and internet technology, biotech, nanotech and AI research, and speculates on ways they will interact and allow humanity to grow beyond our biological limits. The book is mostly positive and optimistic, although there is a slight undercurrent of unease - at some point, the computational capabilities of machines will outstrip that of human beings. When that happens, we will find ourselves dependent on the decision making abilities of machines - the relationship between humanity and its creation(s) will then be at an interesting and critical tipping point.

I wanted to do something for this challenge that alluded to that relationship; the problem is that that theme is almost a cliche in the science fiction genre - oh look, the machines rise up and revolt against their human masters. After a lot of thought, I settled on looking at the evolutionary aspect of the theme of humanity and machines. One of the many “idea threads” (for lack of a better term) in Kutzweil’s book is the concept of the Law of Accelerating Returns. This Law is sort of a corollary to Moore’s Law, which basically states that the computational power of microprocessors will double every eighteen months or so. Kurzweil argues that evolution in nature is actually an intelligent process, if we compress the time frame in which it occurs. It (evolution) is a random, massively parallel process much like a massively parallel, neural net based learning computer. The problem is that evolution occurs over a huge time span, due to the limitations of its biological toolset. Humankind’s machine inventions will constitute the next step of evolution - at first, machines will repair “broken” humans - for instance, neural implants for quadruplegics which allow them to manipulate text and cursors on a computer screen; replacement bones and joints made of titanium and advanced polymers; augmentation of sight and hearing with artificial components.

When does the biological component of a person become a liability in this process? In his book, Kurzweil refers to people known as “M.O.S.H.,” or Mostly Original Substrate Human, meaning “a human being still using native carbon-based neurons and unenhanced by neural implants.” They come off as the twenty-first century equivalent of the Neanderthals - the remnants of the last version of humanity.

So what does all this jibber jabber mean? I am planning to portray the Master/Servant relationship between humanity and EVOLUTION. Machines are a player in this story, but they only serve as the tools by which humanity attempts to control and influence evolution. The major idea here is that for a short time, evolution is the servant of human-generated technology - it’s an abstract (intelligent?) process that allows humanity to improve and augment itself. In the end, we see that the efforts of humanity’s technical innovations ultimately serve the process of evolution.

Thanks for sticking around if you read this far. Here are my initial concept sketches.


The emphasis here is on the human condition - I wanted to try to portray the “machines” in as neutral or non-threatening a manner as possible.


koryh - thanks man, I really love your work. I appreciate the support.

V_Shane - cool! I hope you like the recent additions…

monsitj - thanks very much! I will try to stop by your thread and give you my two cents.

Tommy Lee - thanks buddy, same to you! :slight_smile:

Kyena - thank you, I will check out yours too!


Your idea is truely excellent and original! I’m glad you’ll be showing the positive aspects of this, as the idea of becoming part-machine invokes mostly negative feelings in people (myself included).
Going to subscribe to this thread because I’m sure the product will be amazing :smiley: Love your art!

(and that Mitsubishi sign on the guy’s head is both hilarious and scary… )


Trying some compositions - probably have a few of these milestones.

Thanks for the comments angryscientist!


Yes, Francis…I will be watching this thread. So far soo good.

Always love your work. :slight_smile:


hey dude !!! welcome again !! grrreeat stuff as usual !! :thumbsup:


Oh yeah that books is excellent man, i rode it also sometimes ago… well you’re idea is excellent and your concept :bowdown:

I’ll follow your thread with attention, Good luck !


Talk about clean looking concepts! It is easy to make out what the subjects matters design is. I also like the relationship between master and servant, can’t wait to see what the composition will look like! :slight_smile:


Okay… Cool… My kinda stuff. Hoping for updates!


Here is a rough color block in, using one of the compositions in the previous sketch. I want to show evolution in terms of a progression from neanderthal-esque humanoid to modern/near future human being, to our eventual artificial intelligence/robotic “descendants.”

XIA - I like your work too, I will try to be sure to visit your thread soon.

Squibbit - thank you, I appreciate that!

cipher - I loved that book; did you also read Age of Thinking Machines? I want to read that next, when I have time again.

airborn - thanks, I’m glad you think so. I hope the composition meets with your approval.

igor - my kinda stuff too! hehe.


really nice colour up - even as an early WIP it has a nice look to it… can’t wait to see the finished product.


your work is exceptionally well done & I like the pic but–
are you sure you are still following the master & servant briefing?
(Though evolution would be a cool theme, too, i have to admit, I am just reading Steven baxters Evolution book)


Colouring looks really good. Characters are are also nice, but the last evolutional state is a bit too hal-life for me :slight_smile: The Neantherthal human reminds me of Blur studios “In the rough” animation… in some weird way.

Maybe the last figure should b more dynamic (now it’s really menacing…well, that’s not bad either).

Great job and after adding some detail it should look really good and show really thrilling emotion. not sure if it’s a master%servant kinda emotion but only time will tell :slight_smile: good luck!