Master and Servant 2D Entry: Florin Dorobantu


In this drawing i bought many improvements to my girl :D. First of all i drew her the other hand, i reconstructed almost entirely the right hand, the serynge looks more like it has to be…
Anyway, the final drawing will be coloured in fade colors…that’s why i chose black and white drawing (including detailing).So colouring the scene will not be difficult part.


Major changes. Now her dress does have a form! I’ll add some details to it in further drawings…


my my…how disturbing,looking great though!!


this is almost the final look of my girl. i added lots of details and some clothing elements. her hair-stile is changed also, this one is emphasizing the look of real hair.
i painted her in black & white because i’m gonna apply on her fade colors, dark pastels i think. Anyway, the scene itself is gonna be kinda dark, lit by fade lights.
Stay tunned, cuz i’m gonna have multiple posts today !:smiley:


right hand is redrawn. i did some minor improvements on the hair… kindof late, but i think i’ll finish what i began, dead or alive.


arata super! imi place foarte mult cum arata…:bounce:


vezi putin la umeri si clavicule daca e ceva in neregula…arata putin ciudat si chiar daca ar fi rotita tot arata putin dezechilibrata…ce program folosesti…imi place foarte mult cum folosesti nuantele…multa bafta!


vor fi corectati umerii. mersi pt critici. photoshop cs2 folosesc cu tableta wacom graphire.
dar nu asta e problema :(((. problema e ca sper sa termin, pt ca mai sunt 5 zile. lucrez in draci zilele astea. dar o sa o termin !


this is the couloured version :D. major improvements can be seen…not much to say here, i’m rushing to finish this. another update in a few hours.


ok, i think this is it. yes, white background and the girl painted in pastel! simple and straight!!! i tried many other combinations, with different styles of background, but in a final moment of reflection I deleted them all, because this is perfect for my scene…the perfect contrast. i initially wanted to make it entirely black&white, but then i wanted to add effects like blood and rose petals :smiley: and…anyway, hope u like it ! :smiley:


marfa toata povestea asta :thumbsup: . Dar totusi ma cam deranjeaza partea cu picioarele, parca ar avea mult blur. Si vezi ce faci cu palma stanga, pentru ca e mult prea mica. Bafta in continuare. Si grabeste-te!!! Ah, si io mai am mult! :argh:


this is it. final look. hope u like it :smiley:


arata super bine…imi plac foarte mult petalele…in special cele cu blur…bafta multa si felicitari!:drool::beer:


welll…this is it


i like your lineart the most. remembered me a little bit of T. Lautrec; maybe just beucause i didn’t look to the enlarged view.
All good wishes, Siron!
in other words:
Toate cele bune!


10x alot man! :smiley: save the large version and zoom it, cuz it the most beautiful details can be seen on the face ! :smiley:


cool stuff i like the idea… best of luck to you.


thx doode ! :smiley: good luck !


Wish me good luck at the next contest! :smiley:


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