Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


Starting of the colors, I pass from the hues on my drawing and then
repaints above, I try to find colors rather rich in nuances and tries
to keep a wild spirit in the image.


feux this is looking excellent,really dramatic piece.


I love how well your work is developing. I think the yellow is a little to strong for my liking. But perhaps you already have something in mind. OVerall I like this piece, and I will check back soon to see how you develop it.


Afflicted to be able to look at the other station and to dialogue on
the evolution of your drawings for the moment, I am always without
connection high flow.:cry:
Thank you.



Yeah Good start with the colouring :bounce:


Looking good - great detail and plenty of action. Nice job.


I like a lot. It is really busy, chaotic. This image has my eyes rolling to the back of my head. Woah, starting to get dizzy…lol. Good hustle.:thumbsup:


Gorgeous,wild,drama,great balance to the scene,chaos reigns supreme…Very vivid…I think the coloring is just right,it adds just the right mood and ambiance for this scene…Really great to follow eric…:thumbsup:


I hate to say it at this stage of the process for you but, regardless of how great the image is and how much action you’ve packed into it, I can’t get past how awkward and problematic the pose and physical proportions / contortions are of the main character in the foreground. There is just something about his right shoulder anatomy that is bothering me.

I love your work, the detail and effort that you put into them and would hate for all of that work to be lost because of an anatomy problem OR what appears to be an anatomy problem from my perspective.


Again, great work… just needs a little tweak here and there.



ms@zx: Always thank you for your followed, for the belly of the queen
it is not finished, but I like the small belly like that.

Glenn Gallegos: thank you for your comments, the painting which you
likes is called food of the man it is true a oil-base paint made on
wood, the topic is a little deeper than for this challenge, but I also
have fun to make your subjects lighter and less cerebral.

Deadly Forces: thank you for your followed, I will try to bring back a
little of depth with the setting colors and the nuances, I would see
with the continuation.

Kaparo: Always thank you for your followed, yes the arm were
appropriate to me more and I think that it is well better thus and
puts the diagonal one, I hope to make a success of the continuation.

Noob: Always thank you for your followed, I will better do my, by

AirbORn: thank you for your comments, the yellow will disappear with
the fur that painting will evolve/move, for the moment I seek the hues
of the image.

Spacesnail: thank you for your followed.

Baron Imposible: thank you for your comments.

beelow: thank you for the witty remarks, I hope that the continuation
will like to you.

Virtuoso: hello Alien man 3d, always thank you for your follow-up.

cgkrusty: thank you for your comments, I am very attentive with your
remarks, I perhaps will re-examine some point, but in the whole of the
bodies I do not want to make academic anatomy, I like twist the
muscles, even to add some, I find that that adds character with my
painting, thank you still for your criticism which advance.


its sharp, with lots of black shadows, which bothers the eye a little. try to soften them a bit and try to add a complementary shadow… but in global it really reminds me of an old realisthic comic book school. the italian, and a little of conan. its very inovative, and brave to put a lot of characters in one picture, you really put a challenge in front of u. keep it up!:slight_smile:


I lost trace of your thread for a while and now I discover you already started the colouring!:scream:

I find it very dynamic and I have to say your style is instantly recognizable…
just a pity, the tiger disappeared:shrug:

I’ll follow how it evolves.:slight_smile:


Progression in the search of the colors, this
returned stage elements colors is not the final one, the black which
dominates much the image will disappear progressively with the
progress of the work and painting will begin really once all the semi
hues in place.


Aastonishing level of detail and texture! Your work is amazing in general and this is no exception. I love the pose on the guy who gets shot by the arrow in the middle! The only thing I’d say is that I sort of miss some focal points in the picture. Places that the eye gets drawn to first, second, third and so on. Right now, everyting seems to me to be on the same level in value, but I assume you’ll work that out with the colors, though.

Fantastic work so far and it’s a joy to follow your process!


The setting colors continues, with in more some details deepens
on the principal character.


Details of the progression.


you have such a unique style… loveit. This could fit the theme of grand fantasy opera!! Heh. Very intricate stuff as always… but i would like to see more depth to the image… your GSO had tons…keep it coming!


Sup man.

I had to comment about the texture. Its just great! And overall i like how it has that old school fantasy art feel to it, like an old Conan comic book cover. Alot of that has to do with the details, which i appreciate so much.

Well done dude.


beatiful work, I agree with the above. your style is very difficult, great job…The colours are so lush…:thumbsup:


Yes, it’s just looking beautiful. A wealth of detail and so many little intricate things fitting togetehr compositionally. Just in this detail alone, you’ve got the arms, the bow, the woman’s pointing finger… it all fits like a jigsaw puzzle… One that I’m looking forward to seeing completed! :slight_smile: