Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


jddog: Yes I think that that is better, thank you for the follow-up.

Ace4016: thank you for the follow-up. it should be waited for the
colors until all is good with the drawing.

Mack72; thank you for the follow-up, yes I try to give the with
dimensions one ventures and mysterious, because I like much this kind
of images, the illustration of Ball Hogarth or Harold Foster are very
good and Frazetta without is not badly inspired.

BlackDidThis: thank you for the follow-up. I all does not
include/understand that you says to me in connection with “Kitty” but
the things will evolve/move.

Robillo: thank you for the follow-up, me also I am in a hurry to see
the finished version.

The Wizard: thank you for the comments.

Chopiter: thank you for the follow-up, yes I destroy, for better
rebuilding, I is not any pity with me even.

Akrep: thank you for the comments.

Virtuoso: Always witty remarks, thank you for your follow-up.

Zepyhri: thank you for your comments, yes I think that I hold the good
composition for me, but I will continue, to improve, the drawing, for
thought of the colors.

Tilite: for for the comments and notices, I will continue, to look
after the drawing before the colors.

Kaparo: Thank you for your remarks, on which I pay great attention, I
will improve the drawing on certain thing, however I without rather
well with the proportion of new the character, I will see at the next
station if I thank you change some things still for your follow-ups.

Tariq12: BY CROM thank you for the follow-ups, I adore Conan.

Steve: Thank you for your follow-up, Frazetta is the Master, me I am
only one pupils.


Currently I break down on Internet, I await the breakdown service for
the ADSL, and uses my telephone 56k, to connect itself, it is very
difficult for me to follow the stations.:banghead:

The new progression is soon ready, I it sendings very quickly. Thank
you still with all for the follow-ups.



New progression on the drawing, now I thorough details, but not
too. and some error corrects on the elements. I think soon of
finishing made black and white before thought at the stage of the


This is mindblowing! The detail is fantastic! And sooo much to look at! I can’t wait for some colour!


The new composition looks amazing. I feel it gives the piece more movement and makes it more dynamic. Awesome work. It seems clearer and easier to look at. I anxiously await coloring. :bounce:


:bounce:Colors, colors, colors to apply to this vivid action scene.:bounce:

Quote :[i] Currently I break down on Internet, I await the breakdown service for
the ADSL, and uses my telephone 56k, to connect itself, it is very
difficult for me to follow the stations.:banghead:

Faut les poursuivre, intenter un procès !!! There’s a lot of people waiting for the next updates :wink:


I like the composition and detail of your work, your work really stands out from the rest.

Good luck with the competition


This is so amazing work…forgive me but even if u stop here …again it is beautifull.

I like your last update and how scene evolves…keeping very close eye on this…

Beautiful work Eric :slight_smile:

EDIT: i am going to try tonight your mayonaise ressapy …heheehe!


the hierarchy and composition of this piece is awesome i love it.

im still worried about her belly… did u give me a reason y she was pudgy?? i had a quick search but couldnt find it

keep it up


oh… i know i´ll love this one… amazing lineart…:eek: very dynamic and powerful composition… i love the way his long black hair follows the vortex-like line of action… (i don´t know how to say that… :)) and what a beautiful warrior… can´t wait to see some color!


Excellent work Eric , that really makes me think has Frazetta style , i think you will take that like a compliment , Frazetta is a master for all :slight_smile:


Looks great! Another super detailed piece :slight_smile: Some of it kind of reminds me of Frank Frazetta. That’s a good thing :slight_smile:


Hi Eric
Just a question: I like your avatar a lot. Sorry about my ignorance but I dont know who he was. I would like to know his complete name to search for him. Thanks.


Poshspice: Thank you for your follow-ups, the colors arrives, very

Kingsal888; Thank you for the comments, the drawing is almost to
finish, I am spirit studied my direction for the colors.

spacesnail: Thank you for your follow-ups, the colors arrives, a
little patience. I is not still to recover my ADSL

Dloots: Thank you for your follow-ups, and witty remarks.

DimitrisLiatsos: Thank you for your follow-ups, I hope that your work
astonishing 3d advances well, you with tested my mayonnaise receipt,

Tilite: Thank you for is your follow-ups, it the reindeer which you
dodu finds? I perhaps will put it at the mode.

dunkelgold: Thank you for the comments, for the warrior I tried to
give a force, like a pure horse without. the colors arrives soon.

Falfa, Gerbi: Thank you for your follow-ups, For Franck Frazetta I is
very fan like all the world, it is the first painter whom I
have to study when I have to start to draw, I have at home the first
books which to publish it. I will try to better do my
for this homage and to be to the height.

Kaparo: For my avatar, it is one of my painting, I am to inspire
by the angels that have see it in the tables with the religious topic,
I made sketches with the museum of the Louvre or I go often here the
link when I had posted it:


Here the drawing to finish, now I begin the colors.


I is not still to recover my ADSL, and I not to follow the
stations little more, it is too much slow, and I use my telephone line
56k, which monopolizes my line, I hope that all will be to repair very

PS: France telecom doit vérifier ma ligne car cela viendrais de là, le problème c’est que c’est pas des rapides. (crotte, merde , fait chier.)


great,this is gonna be cool.cant really picture what its gonna be like but i’ll be keenly looking forward till the end of it~yeah…about the queen,the abdoment part…?she seems like pregnant…not sure if that is ur intention.see ya again~:)


Was hoping to see one of your baboons in this! Those are my favorites on your site. The dual personalities of humans kind of thing. Oh well. Nice picture you have going here anyway!
But wish the concept was a little deeper. Like the one with the baboon in the cathedral howling that is on your site. Was really impressed and inspired with that one. It said a lot.


Everything I like is in your painting !
The only crit I could make at this point is a small lack of depth in the picture. But I assume this is a WIP so I’ll wait and see.

Amazing so far !:thumbsup:

PS : you should add a France Telecom engineer with a sword in the chest, somwhere in the picture, they deserve it…just a thought…:smiley:


Hi Eric I like the way you change the warrior hand and sword. Now the diagonal looks better. This is going great! Can’t wait to see it colored!
Congratulations for the angels painting. I haven’t seen it before. I had believe it was an antique painting. Excellent work!