Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


hey u ! u is sick!!!:smiley: excellent work:applause: this will rock coloured


very good sketch! u r sick!!i agree with nebezial. this will keep u busy colouring for quite some time. i admire…:bounce:


that totally crazy :applause: excellent inks… bravo !


ohh man thats real damn fantastic sketch :thumbsup: … are you really going to make it 3d :arteest: ??
tell me so i quet from this challing:deal: … i start feel hating some1 …:banghead:

good luck mate


Your poses are very dynamic! Is that a face hidden into the bkgd?


New changes on my concept ?, because I was not completely satisfied with
the last, I believe that this time it is the good, moreover I have to
begin work on some details, before past with the colors which will
come once the finished drawing, for painting I want to remain dynamic
in returned, not to make a too smooth image remain close to the Master.
Thank you still for the follow-ups.



Radical changes, but excellent dinamics ! :thumbsup:


Impressive. I like the concept. This comp looks better then the last, to me. Does the master have a gut? Can’t wait to see this in color.


This is by far the strongest of your designs. This reminds me of all those ‘boy’s own’ adventure type comic books, which I love. They always had fantastic, dynamic images. I love the sense of action/drama contained within it! It actually reminds a little of the work of Burne Hogarth (used to draw Tarzan). His stuff was awesome.

As is yours!



I like this update alot…

As good as you character and his ‘kitty’ looked… his perspective wa like as if he didn’t have any shoulder depth. Hard for me to explain… Like with the ancient Egyptian relief’s. Lik you sort of flattened the two of them.
It had added a style to your work. But the depth this brings out gives much more.

Though at first glance, your image looks randomly busied. I have to apreciate the care you have shown on the details.
I hope they would be much more organised looking when you start to colour things out.

It is a very impressive image!



Amazing concept. Very dinamic and expressive. Waiting for see the finished work.:thumbsup:



Well, what else can I say? No, realy?!

My Master & Servant 2D


, but now i anderstand who is the servant!
this one doesn’t have the power of the first one, it is more smooth.


Nice lineart.
Can’t wait to see your colored image!


Wicked…Brutal…“fantasique”…Energy and dramatic compo and vivid details…beautiful and at the sametime wickedly intense…Love it…:arteest:


To quote Keanu reeves: Woah…

That is some line art you have there. This is the kind of picture you could loose yourself in for days just taking everything in. The latest update is certainly the strongest compositionally, the elements seem to flow, the lines take your eye round the picture much more. This is fantasy at its best, I think, you can’t beat beasts, barbarians and babes in bikinis. And you do all thre fantastically. As far as this update goes, I don’t think I can offer any crit, just sit here and wait for the colour to flow!


this piece is awesome!

everytime i look at it there is always something new to look at… and its not even teh final:thumbsup:
this time i inspected the pixel ink i found another thing new… something i wasn’t so sure of(1st time that happened on this thread:))… her belly… she doesnt have a tubby tummy does she?.. intentional?

great stuff waiting anxiously for next update


Hi Eric

I like a lot your composition but there is something I dont like in this new one. I think the big warrior is too big and it divides the composition in a too obvious parts: left the agressors and right the defenders. I think the warrior needed more dinamic from your first sketch but in the new one it feels uncomfortable for me. Perhaps it is all the size, too big.
The rest is all okay. The detail is amazingly beautifull. Her belly is really nice. I am tired of muscle flat abdomen models. This clasic looks is more voluptuous for me. Dont change her, please! :wink:



                                                       .....umm.. where's my damn medication...?

Seriously though, this is pure fantasy . And it ROCKS !!!
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Wow, most impresive grey scale illustration, it’s just so Frank Frazetta!!!

I love it.