Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


Here my first idea and direction for this challenge I think of making
a heroic fantasy painting, and on this occasion to pay a homage to
the Master of the style which is Frazetta for which I have a very
great admiration since I started to draw, I it is that much imitates
it, even if him even it is inspired by other artists, for me it
remains the best, the idea of this exercise of style can amuse me, It
is not very original like concept, therefore I will continue to seek
other thing, but while waiting for here my drawing with like titrates:
“Dogs of the queen”.
Thank you for your comments.


were dooooomed!!

excellent piece ,damn the detail…


first of all…
Let me congratulate you on your VERY UNIQUE space opera entry! looking forward to your entry and going to follow it through progress. It’s the first time I check this thread and I’m amazed that you’ve got so many details already put down in your first concept! almost final image quality…

will be watching…

Bon soir! :slight_smile:

Excuse my french :smiley:


good start, but i think you put too much details in the picture.
personnaly i will take off the big ork in the back of the lady…personnaly.:shrug:


i don’t think its too much detail.

maybe lack of definition,i guess sum parts are difficult to understand at first glance.

i think it excellent,but if u want,space out things a bit more,OR maybe colour will sort that out.

i’m still a fan,hehe.


what the~~!!its very good tranchefeux!i think its fine with the amount of details u have for now.the final image is beyond my imagination now since this is only the 1st sketch…:thumbsup:a killer pic indeed.keep it coming mate


That is one fabulous sketch, fits perfectly to the theme and actually you could post that as lineart… I can already imagine how the finished piece would look like… :slight_smile:


cool pic, i’m remembering all the Conan the Barbarian comics i read…
criticswise, the queens loin area looks disturbing…


Wowwwwwwwwwwwww Very gooood. :buttrock:
This is why you are my favorite 2d french artist…I am really impressed. That’s really far from what I am able to draw.
I will always wonder how someone can draw like that, adding so many details. hummm, if only, I could do the same, snif:sad:
Great start though .I think you should keep this one and work on it .:slight_smile:


Always so much talent, I do not know if it will be your final concept but it begins terribly well. The whole character is very realized well. Can be at the level of the creature in long teeth, should you work again the proportions between legs and trunk, although I understand that it is the shape wanted, I find that disproportions is too important well, it is only my humble opinion

Toujours autant de talent, je ne sais pas si cela sera ton concept final mais cela commence terriblement bien. L’ensemble des personnages est trés bien réalisé. Peut être au niveau de la creature aux longues dents, devrais tu retravailler les proportions entre les jambes et le torse, bien que je comprenne que cela est la forme voulu, je trouve que la disproportion est trop importante mais bon, ce n’est que mon humble avis


It’s really fine that you test your wonderful textures on “organics” characters.
I’m impatient to see how it will grow… but it already promisses.
Good luck !


you have to put a (I will blow ur minds away with my first sketch) warning man this is just fantastic and those (dogs) are just perfect…but i think it’s a little too crowded…and another thing…i don’t understand why the knight is there (the one you see from the background)

can’t wait to see your other sketches


excellent start buddy… dam u are prolific. can not wait to see what u present us with in the final.

ps. well done on your GSO!


Looking awesome, so far! Can’t wait to see this one develop!


Ah another Frazetta fan! Nice work so far. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.


you have your own style! very unique !


Frazetta would be proud to see this himself I believe…Again as before eric,a wicked concept with strength and danger all around…i will follow this close always…very interesting and again special in style and design…Bonne chance…:thumbsup:


Amazing concept ! :eek:

That will be a fabulous hommage !

bonne chance !

(un fan :slight_smile: )


Wow, an amazing start! Frazetta is a fantasy pioneer for sure and well worth the admiration.

The way You’ve signed your name is a nice touch :slight_smile:


scary, but that’s a great sketch…pleasse continue.