Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


Congrats for finishing !!!
This will do a beautiful Ballistic print :thumbsup:

See you soon on the next challenge

Chapeau bas Monsieur Tranchefeux



This painting brings back old memories with Conan, and some comics I use to read when I was younger. Great job Eric, so mouch motion in the picture, it moves. And there is so much detail. Good luck:thumbsup: .


Beautiful work, Tranchefeux! And congratulations for finishing!
I think your piece succeeds on every level that you set out to do: Itā€™s evocative of Howard and Burroughs and Frazetta and a classic and traditional style of painting. and the sort of thing it would be really hard to tell was done digitally. So bravo! :slight_smile:



Very interesting work! I lake it! :bounce:


Many inspirations for an incredible masterpieceā€¦

ā€¦strong, beautiful, creativeā€¦

ā€¦just perfect :thumbsup:


An exceptional piece in every aspect.Intense,great drama,beautiful lines,wonderful colorsā€¦action and movement from top to bottomā€¦very impressive and Edgar
Rice Burroughs and Robert E Howard would applaud youā€™re efforts here Ericā€¦As i willā€¦:applause:

ā€¦wonderful and a top notch pieceā€¦great to have followed your creation hereā€¦all the best to you as always,and best of luck to youā€¦See you soonā€¦:arteest: :beer:


hi ericā€¦
this is indeed very very nice pictureā€¦congradulationsā€¦i love the style you put on painting and designing the scene and your color theme loks realy niceā€¦again,nice jobā€¦see U on voting:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Very nicelly rendered and detailed. Top Notch my friend! Good luck with it in the next stages! really a wonderful piece!



Just still thank you with all, for these last supports on the end of
my painting and good luck with all the artists who took part and
animated this challenge.
ā€œThat the force is with youā€.



The force is with you Ericā€¦pleasure to followā€¦see you soon friendā€¦again beautiful,wicked,and a top rate piece in everywayā€¦All the best to youā€¦:arteest: :beer:


congratulations! I made an epic battle here. I still miss a bit more contrast, at least some darker areas, but never mind for thatā€¦ its just my personal opinion. Great image!


Congrats on finishing the Challenge, Eric; youā€™ve created a very organic and richly-detailed illustration. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the last suports and comments.
With soon perhaps. and good luck with all.



good luck eric!! will u win again?!?!? hehe


Nice butt on the guard. :slight_smile:

Seriously, fantastic piece of workā€¦very ā€œAztec-ianā€ feel to it (lush golds and greens)!


great job eric,u did it once again!:applause:


again a very good pic eric, good luck for the end


Great action on this Eric. Your paintings have a unique personal style. Keep it up and Congratulations on finishing this painting.



hi eric!

congrats on finishing this wonderfully detailed epic picture! i just loooove that huge warrior!
and your lineart is a m a z i n g too!!!

good luck with the judges! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:




I like your technique.Pretty good!

Good luck to you :slight_smile: