Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


3rd final detail of painting to the maximum of its resolution
the attacker who spouted out of the tree, one of the part or texture
and the traces of brushes appears and gives the feeling of true a


4eme final detail of painting to the maximum of its resolution,
the work of the rock and these reliefs, from the small mouse comes to
supplement the composition.


5eme final detail of painting to the maximum of its resolution, groups of attacker of the bottom.


6eme final detail of painting to the maximum of its resolution, the statue of the bottom, it is also the matter
traditional were semi in obviousness.


7eme final detail of painting to the maximum of its resolution,
the Cheetah of the queen close defending her mistress.


8eme final detail of painting with 80% of the maximum of its
resolution, the group of the queens with its guards, less detailed it
is a distant plan.


Lush, rich powerful! A glorious feast for the eye, and the imagination!



I think there’s an abjective which describes your style: unique!:thumbsup:
you have one of the most original style in digital illustration I have ever seen. It’s a pity all those little details can be apreciated only on little detailed views, one of the limits of monitors…
I love how it really looks like a painting, great work:)


Incredible work! nice style! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


I really like the texture you’ve put on your painting a lot. It feels like an old master painting. Great stuff man and crazy details!:applause: :thumbsup:

Good luck for the final result and see you next time!


finish, finish it, and don’t upload it to late, there will be traffic jam.:surprised


:bowdown: :bowdown::bowdown:


gordonm, Aradiael, monsitj, thierry2005, chopiter, xric7

Thank you still for your support on this challenge which is
completed soon.
I still go poster some zoom of the warrior or I finish
work above, and I sendings the final one.


The queen is looking great man! Good job!:thumbsup:


9 eme final detail of painting to the maximum of his
resolution, the warrior and his musculatures, on the level anatomy I
could have been very academic, but here I wanted to exploit the base
forms of the muscles, and creates true sometimes imaginary design,
make painting more interesting for me and especially more singular.


10 eme final detail of painting with 60% of the maximum of its
resolution, the large warrior is the subject principal and emerged on
the command of its queen.


Impresive work Tranchefeux! Great sense of movement and detail. I like how the bright colors add tension to the composition. Good luck to you!


For this project and challenge, of which I arrive at the end I wanted
of adventures of populated mysterious countries of strange beings and
great times fantastic, well on I thought of all these account of Edgar
Rice Burroughs with Tarzan, or Robert E Howard and Conan, and
the imageries who result from this, I have to keep a very great
admiration for Frazetta, it is I believe the first book of painting of
héroic fantasy which I opened and there as much I made “whouaa…” but
I am not alone with being it to fall under the charms from the Master,
I believe that some share that my to give desire for making this
trade, therefore with this painting without any claim I wanted to make
a great homage to all these large Mister who made me dream. For the
techniques realization although that made not badly of time which I
work numerically especially for my commands of customers my heart
remains attached to true the oil-base paint that I practise for my
pictures personnel, the odor, the grain of a fabric, finish it of a
varnish and the fact of creates a single original remains my greater
satisfaction, of this fact I am to apply to reproduce this feeling of
traditional work to which I am so much attached. I hope that the
development of this painting you with more and amused as much as has
me. I wish all the best with all the participant for their great
creations and this sharing if enriching between artists and says to
you can be with soon for other adventures graphics, by “CROM”



Insane amount of deatail, still dont know how you cna manage it all!


Great work Eric, it belongs to my favs, it was really an inspiration to follow your progress. :slight_smile: