Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


Here the same image that the preceding one, but with one
profiles standard rvb, because I work with profiles icc. and I had
forgotten this small details for you.


Holy cow!! I don’t know how I missed this in development! Another great piece- you should be illustrating books!Those clouds have a real N.C. Wyeth feel- I love clouds.


Small explanation on the difference in colors of the 2 last station
which are the same one. except on the majority of the user of
photo shop work with one profile profiles rvb (sRGBIEC61966-2.1)
what is very well. But it is not my which has, because I use a
software of calibration which functions with a probe, and with a
monitor rather high range of me allows me creates one profiles rvb
icc. and which very near to conversion CMYK which I use and thus real
impression of the colors corresponding so that I see on my monitor, I
do not enter more the details and method for gauged a screen.
But forget of it this point you had a false idea on the colors of my

thank you still for the follow-ups.



you have the most original painting style I have seen yet. Good hustle, and Gooood Work!:applause:


a couple of thing bother me here , the anatomy the colour combinations and the lighting , some of the characters look like the lack some dimension because of the way you shaded them for example the archer guy looks fairl flat especially at his torso. i think your blinding with detail but you need to work on you anatomy , alos i don’t know if i like the setting ,the way you have everything in the fore ground dark with skulls and such and then it is like a really sudden fall off into the back ground with pretty clouds and mountains it just does’nt seem rigth for her kingdom

i hope i’m not to harsh but i think you could be better


Just an alive piece…full of motion,color action,drama…wonderful lines and great movement throughout the piece…A piece that belongs on any fantasy book cover…The framing and details are excellent as well…Just wonderful Eric,really well done from all aspects…:arteest:


Hi Eric
I don’t know what you did in your last few steps but somehow you have lost the nice deep shadows, contrast and luminousity. It looks kind of bleached out as compared to image #273 and page 19.
I think you should go with #273
It has a much nicer dramatic lighting effect.
Just my opinion.
It has more luminousity.
Love your piece.
And think my old teacher and mentor Burne Hogarth would love it too, if he were here to see it!
Take Care


I think its very good! wow! U succeeded again with all that amount of details in the pic. I would just bring a bit more contrast to the pic and thats all I’ve got to say… other than wow ofcors :smiley:


U know Eric, this simply is sick. love your piece all over and the rich amount of details is keeping the eye busy on a good way. cant believe you all painted this is in such a short time. congrats on your great result, love your piece fron the first to the last pixel! keep on rocking!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


That’s cool man, i love the styles and the insane details man!:twisted:…thats awsome!!..ur gonna b in the finallist man!:thumbsup: :bounce:


ebrowning: Thank you for your support, content that my small clouds
like, well with you.

beelow: Thank you for your witty remarks and supports.

lynch: Thank you for your comments and remarks that I notes,

Virtuoso: Always thank you for your support and witty remarks
which encourages me.
PS: I am in a hurry to see your image finished 3d.

Glenn Gallegos: Thank you for your support and comments, I still will
make which adjustments and can be to harden contrast for the final one
but not too,

NinjaASSN: Thank you for your support and comments, indeed I
will contrast a little for the final one.
PS: your image is very strong on this challenge cheer with you.

theßt_angel: Thank you for your support and comments, for the details
all the world can do that with a little patience.

eclipson: Thank you for your witty remarks and supports.

Soon end of my painting still which adjustments and blows of brushes
before the end, some large plan will come before the final station.


Hello eric. It’s a great work!!:thumbsup: bravo!! just one little thing…Perhaps that you should contrast the foreground character more, just try it and maybe post in order to show that…:slight_smile:

Good luck for the final one!!Let’s WORK!!:bounce:


Man… One of the most detailed paintings I’ve ever seen. Just gorgeous…


Fiolka Alexandre: Thank you for the comments, the small adjustments
comes, with the end of my painting,

kerembeyit: Thank you for your supports.


1st final detail of painting to the maximum of its resolution,
last work and it is that which amuses me more to simulate one true
oil-base paint with some pasting of the traces of brushes and the
grain of a support traditional.
I also re-examined the different ones a little contrasts.


beatiful work! it’s nice to look at those details. i will have to vote for your piece hehe.
good luck!


Oil painting aspect is fantastic… the final touch… and certainly essential… bravo et respect Eric… j’suis baba :thumbsup:


amazing detail!!:bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
great work so far.:bowdown:


marcheen, Lemog, xric; Thank you for the comment and supports, always sympathetic nerves. :thumbsup:


2nd final detail of painting to the maximum of its resolution
on the attacker,