Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


Détail01 of the one of the attacker


Détail02 of the one of the attacker


Hi Eric, i noticed the queen looked like she is pointing somewhere to her right , not to the the enemy. Her eyes are also not looking exactly where she is pointing.

You have alot of patience with painting the details! All the best with your final piece! :thumbsup:


Hello Tranchefeux
i haven’t been around here for a long long time. Wow what a progression !:thumbsup:
Very well surprised by the clouds in the BG : very nice stuff :arteest:
Keep going on :bowdown:


Continuation of the part of painting, to see the progression of the details, it still misses some textures, which I keep for the end.


god damn!! so much detail,i loves!!


I’m always speechless front of your art Eric… pur plaisir pour mes yeux et moi :buttrock:


impressive ! :applause:


Thank you the guys with for new the support. :thumbsup:


Another part of painting, some textures were made has fine to
give more character to painting.


Salutations ! (un des compatriotes qui te parle)

I follow you worck since years i would like to know what is you inspirations ?(recent comics) or classic painters ?


Hi, David01
For your questions I am interested in all what this matter
fact of drawing or paintings, I am very open, but those which touches
me more they is nevertheless the Masters of the past.
Thank you for your supports.


Here again painting in are together, at this stage I regard it
as finishing or almost because it remains to me to give some effect of
reliefs to simulate the pasting of true blow of brushes.
The development of the work it is concerned the details, the depths of
prospect and the adjustment of the colors now I will let rest the
painting of my eyes surroundings 3 days, for new glance and perhaps
adjust some small details.
I would post large plan of the full resolution before the sendings final.


excellent final man,got my vote!


amazing!!:bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: .it’s so hot!!i feel blood-thirst.:buttrock:


You are such an artist! :applause:
I am looking at your entry since first sketch…
I can’t believe my eyes, it is so awesome!
I love the way you paint, reminds me the great masters paintings with a ‘new look’.
The right balance, colors, symbols, everything.
Great technique!

Congratulations! Will see this ‘fantastique’ on a full page of Master & Servant Challenge book for sure.


Yes… a really great picture… congratulations… just one remark… but I’m sure you planed that… colors and contrast seem a little bit to strong… environment don’t seem affect elements so much… I’m waiting you next color adjustments… for the final glance :scream:

…et surtout, prends bien soin de tes doigts :thumbsup:


Yo Eric! Cool, cool, cool. Your unique style is mindblowing! I really love the clouds and the painttexture you gave them. Good luck, man!


Wow, this is looking really nice, Tranchefeux! Such a wealth of great details,and paint and texture. I know you’ll proably see one of two things you don’t like and fix 'em - you have lots of time - but from here it’s looking pretty done. And just plain pretty, too. Congrats!



NOOB: always thank you for your support, and your vote.

xric7: thank you for the comments and supports.

Djampa: thank you for the comments and supports.

Lemog: thank you for the comments and supports for the colors looks at
new the post with profiles standard rvb and explanation, PS: I waits
to see your image final.

andreasrocha; thank you for the comments and supports.

wairus: thank you for the comments and supports.