Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


… Damn, that is excellent.

There’s really nothing more I can say other than that. :bounce:


nice texture work, and great dynamism. Personnaly colors need to be unified a little bit by a “camaieux”. I would also make a hierarchy between elements, to make it clearer to read. Why not try to blur some background elements, just to have main characters more detached?

Beau travail de texture, et sacré dynamisme. A mon avis, les couleurs auraient besoin d’être un peu unifiées par une couche camaieux. De même que les différents éléments de la composition gagneraient à être hierarchisés, de sorte qu’il soit plus facile de lire l’image : Peut-être faudrait-il flouter quelques éléments d’arrière plan pour que les personnages principaux se détachent davantages ?

Good luck, Mr Tranchefeux !


Whoa, so many details! Its hard to see where to start looking. Everything in this painting is so busy. Maybe you could bring out the main warrior more and lighten everything else a bit to give more contrast?

Your style reminds me a bit of Josh Kirby’s works. Keep up with the effort!


Arlutik: Thank you for the comments

Noob: always sympathetic nerve for your follow-up

Ace4016: thank you for the comments, for the mountains, I include/understand your point of considering, but in I find that fun and there is Kilimandjaro which is into full Africa thus why not.

Dulshad03: Thank you for the comments and supports. ArtisticVisions: thank you for the comments and supports.

eromoo: Thank you for your support and comments, yes it y does not have farmhouse of elements and indeed it is perhaps hard to fix the attention on the principal subject, I
will try to increase legibility on certain point, but as a whole, the image corresponds to my temperament because I like to emphasize each detail.

Artis: thank you for the comments and support, I surely will make some adjustments which corresponds as a whole to your remarks, generally at the end
basic work of the painting which is not finished yet, but the image will remain rather charged because I like to emphasize each elements, I am not one follower of the blurs, which are not the reflection of the reality of a human?il but rather of an objective of camera, my taste pictorial are very close to master Flemings or reading of the fabric this fact at the pouces square. A little hurdy-gurdy schools, but if not I do not have my amount.

Merci pour les commentaires et support, je vais sûrement faire quelques réglages qui corresponde dans l’ensembles à tes remarques , généralement à la fin du travail de fond de la peinture qui n’est pas encore fini, mais l’image resteras assez chargé car j’aimes mettre en valeurs chaque éléments , je ne suis pas un adepte des flous, qui ne sont pas le reflet de la réalité d’un œil humain mais plutôt d’un objectif d’appareil photo, mes goût picturaux sont très proche des mettre Flamands ou la lecture de la toile ce fait au cm . Un peu vielle écoles, mais sinon je n’ai pas ma dose.

E.T :cool:


Wahou, really impressive, too much details even for the resolution of my eyes :wink:
Actually, that’s not my kind of style but I have to admit, that’s great. Freaking details.

If you allow me to critisize a little bit (even if I’m not enough skilled to do so), I find the girl’s face not that expressive, I think it’s due to your style because I’m really not used to it.

Even so, that’s freaking great, all my respect for this piece.

If only I was able to do so…


Great colors, Frazetta would be proud!


Wow! That’s just amazing!


Your image is Fantastic!! , But I not like the reddish, orangey clouds over the icy mountain tops. Everything else is spectacular!:thumbsup:


your clouds look more like Columbia pictures than mine!


If asked to describe this in one word…it would be… “fantastique”…Such a vibrant rich detailed beautifully colored piece…drama and action…My eyes are in a very nice place when I look upon your work eric…Just beautiful…

…C’est une oeuvre classique…

:arteest: :arteest: :arteest:




Obessessive details and a complete disregard for the nasty blur tool makes your entry exquisite.

I also looked up your Space Opera submission.


Have you any experience with etching or linotype?

Your pixel pushing powers makes me envious.

I’m going to go scream and punch a couch.

You have an incomparable, and maddeningly detailed approach to painting.


Hi Eric! Excellent background! All the characters are great, their posse, ther attitude are enhanced with the colour work. The mountains and clouds looks really nice. It is taking the final intensity of the painting and it is great. I just find the sky, behind the clouds too dark. It do not contrast too much with the trees at the left. Also happened the same with the background soil and some invaders there, but as you said, this lights and shadows adjust will be corrected in the final retouch. Keep up the good work! :eek:


Freiyer: thank you for the follow-up and comments.

Jose Pardo: thank you for the follow-ups, yes in the colors also I
returns homage, I hope to be with the height.

Einar: thank you for your follow-up.

Agent_Orange: thank you for the comments, for the colors I think of
remaining like that, but I takes note of your remark.

Chopiter: Thank you for the follow-up, for the clouds you can make the
same ones, it is just necessary to make much more power ball.

Virtuoso: always thank you for your supports.

ravioli_rancher: thank you for your support and witty remarks.

Kaparo: always thank you for your support and comments, I will refine
the colors and contrasts towards the end with the layers as that I
have more control.

Thank you still for all the supports, I will be able to send some
party of painting, to see the evolution, I am in basic work on the
elements and I advance gently because my other work occupies me much
soon the continuation.



Here a party of painting, or I have advanced, I do not think
that I would go much further in the details because I want to keep a
little nervousness in the key of brushes, after this work completed on
all the image, will surely come from the adjustment and in
continuation my textures towards the end,


2nd details, of the groups of the queen.


Tranchefeux, Nice expression of the humans in the scene, a kind of macabre these skulls!
Keep us updated!

See ya man


great detail :applause:


you really came to terms with a very individual style, very good! Reminds me a little bit of the works of Richard Dolan, one of the Warhammer-artist at Games Workshop some years ago…

Normally I would always pledge for some more “realistic” and contrasting lighting. But in this case: your piece is just great like it is. Only one thing came to my eye: the area beneath the warrior’s hand and the fallen tree seems to be a little bit “undecided” yet, is it?

:slight_smile: <- Lutz


Gus_clifton:Thank you for your support

Will judge: Thank you for your support

lutzw:Thank you for the comments and supports

E.T :cool:


Continuation of the details of painting here the rock.