Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


Mordalles: thank you for your support

PlasteredSoulofa, hologgram: thank you for your follow-up

Wonlife : thank you for your followed

Ilusiondigital: thank you for your follow-up by CROM

Jezzarts: thank you for your comments, I note your remarks you less those which I include/understand, For the depth, generally I make adjustments at the end with the copies what me give more order, for the Nineties it is in these years that I started to work as illustrator and of course I lived the influence of this time with these styles and where one worked into traditional.
For my painting present, it yet badly will not evolve/move, with various adjustments, therefore wait to see the end, thank you still for your remarks.


I almost finished the drawing and modelled bottom without still the direction of the color, I post it tomorrow. For the continuation of the wip.


looks excellent,like an epic painting.


yeah, very unique, its kinda having a stone effect…:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hi Eric! This is looking really great. The color scheme is very intense and the skin tones are excellent. But I think it looks now a little flat, since the background characters have the same intensity than the foreground ones. It was something that loks better in your uncolored image. Fading the background warriors in color and sharpening could help. Good luck buddy!! :applause:


Yes kaparo, I agree for the same intensity on the characters, but that will evolve/move, because generally I regulate the various intensities at the end with the copies, thank you for your support.


Advance on the bottom, I deepened the drawing and details of the statu, of the cloud and mountain, the direction of the fill color is not made yet, when all are set up at the levels colors, I will be able to look further into painting…


Impressive painting, very detailed and full of movement. I would only suggest to add a little fog or mist at the bottom of the mountain to separate elements in the foregroung a little more from the more distant elements.
You seem to almost be at the end of it.:thumbsup:


Now there’s some serious action is going on! And love the backgound. :love: The main thing that bothers me most is the main figure’s pose (barbarian). It looks kinda uncomfortable and static. However I guess, I wouldn’t be able to do it any better. :shrug:


Great work! Really colorful as opposed to your GSO entry. You have a very unique technique which is really wonderful.

Keep it up!


Looking good

I like the old school feel it has


I have to say I like this even more with the blue background. It’s so “refreshing”! :smiley:



Interesting painting style, well done. :smiley:


looking really good some stuff need to be worked out but nothing i am sure you are not aware of. keep on with the updates.


Right thank you with all for your last comments and followed on the advance of my painting, tomorow the continuation of my wip will be near with the direction final of background and some advance fill color on certain details.

E.T :cool:


Continuation of the progression, now I think of having found the harmony of the color on the whole of painting, I will be able to devote me to finalize the elements in theirs
details and to try to correct which ques errors, then I would regulate the depths of prospects, and would finish by returned textures,


Wow very nice colors on your image, great work


indeed excellent work!


Looks good, but it seems weird to have a snowy mountain so close to a tropical enviroment. Maybe dry, kahki colored mountians would work better. Just a suggestion.


Yo Trenchefeux!

that is alot of work you’ve been doing.

I’ve been chekin out this thead and noticed how much detail and work you’ve put into this.
It is almost like a dream, (I do apoligise for being cheesy there) but really WOW :slight_smile: