Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


Always amazing Eric:bounce::bounce: Maybe you could add one detail or two ?? He he !
Very nice work. Keep going on. May FT be damned :twisted:



Excellent - so many details to look at. Good dynamics, classic fantasy. Well done :applause:


Amazing work^^ The sky still looks flat to me, but you mentioned you’re going to add depth to it later.

Really, I like this. Very great movement and action in this one.


wow! looking pretty epic!


he hey!
you put some mistakes to find , in your drawing?
i wonder if the body of the girl sit down, had to big torasix cage, and the left arm of the big guy in the front, is good, it look a bit turned?
ok, i stop there good luke and thanks for the help for the cloud, and shame on you for your reply on my thread!!:twisted:


Details of the advance of painting on the warrior.


Evolution of painting as a whole, I have remakes the bottom which is not finished in the details, I think of having more depth with him, the idea of the statue can add mystery with the image and plait well me, the color blue is not the final one,it is right while waiting for that I decide on another thing.


Hi Eric, I love the sense of action and the character detail! I would say that your level of detail is so high that my eye can’t really settle on one place, but I guess this is the trademark Tranchefeux style isn’t it! Your GSO pic was just as detailed but was easier to view somehow. I’m really not sure what to suggest. Perhaps the sky needs to be lighter, and some generous shading needs to be introduced to break apart the eveness of the texture and separate the elements a bit more. I find the lower left orc guy disappears into the foliage for example.

But hey, I know you’re going to keep developing it and I’m sure it’ll be a masterpiece! :thumbsup:


For a fan of details like me, that’s a real pleasure to discover your progress… really really good… I adore you art… but I think you know that yet… on en redemande Eric… un pur bonheur :arteest:


:eek: wow c’est super… amazing detailed coloration and wonderful image… really unique, like when I follow your GSO thread, this too rocks :applause:



Yes everything lemog (lolo) said…goes for me too…:cool: …Really coming even more beautiful and vibrant,and alive…great pleasure to see you create with such power and skill…bonne chance…no you dont need it…it’s all talent…:arteest: :arteest:


It’s going good! The colors are really beautiful and the bottom contrasts well with the first plan…I persists in saying that there are perhaps too many details on background…But it is right my impression… any case it’s a beautiful job:thumbsup:

Keep it up!


i realy love your style.
the colour and composition are best.
waiting for your final colour
good luck
my m and s


Speaky: thank you for your comments, yes the things will evolve/move especially for the bottom and the harmony of the colors.

Lemog: always thank you for your support, I continue for the other layers.

Jddog: thank you for your words and support, yes the GSO was sympathetic for me.

Virtuoso: always thank you for you your supports, of Malibu.

Fiolka Alexandre: thank you for your follow-up, for the details sorry but I find it enough software for the moment.

Xric7: thank you for your follow-up, I am in a hurry to see the end too.


For the moment I continue the drawing of the statue and about the clouds, for my bottom, to much speaks me about the details but I rather make software on this image, at least I test, because I wanted to make a style painting.


wow, some really great work!


:thumbsup: well i guess it’s a keeper. i like the whole war genre of it all, and the female masculinity. perfect.


Your work is awesome with great colour. Keep more update :thumbsup:


I’ll try and stay away from saying the obvious ‘wow’ and rather focus on what I personaly would change about this… it is already a great looking painting although I find it lacks depth. I think this may have been mentioned already but everything kind of looks flat like it’s on the same level. It’s hard to determin what to look at first and is a bit of an assult on the eyeball!
I realise this is your style and it actually reminds me of some early game graphics from the 90’s.
The main guys hair looks a little broom like… very stiff. I think if you loosen the hair abit, it might animate him even more? One or two of the poses look a little unatural and uncomfortable but again, maybe this just comes down to style. I think making the main warrior the focal point and stepping off the detail from there… making the background out of focus would be the biggest help. What ever you do this will be very good, these crits are catered to my personal tastes. Best of luck! - jez:thumbsup:


Wow it´s the real essence of Conan.

Very good work and luck friend