Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


Oh my GOD.
You are aiming for the “most detailed piece in the universe” award, don’t you! :stuck_out_tongue: All of the stuff looks simply great, I lovet he “illustration feel” that this piece has :stuck_out_tongue:
Your style is one of the most unique I’ve seen and your patience for all the tiny tiny stuff sure makes me bow down :slight_smile: Great!


Whoa! How many different kinds of rich textures do you have in this painting?!! That’s CRAZY, LOL! Awesome stuff… you’re more of a detail freak then I’ll ever be, I think :eek:

Keep it up, and I’ll check back for updates. Cheers!


This is cool !
But I have a few crits ::wise:

The queen looks a little like she’s pregnant or something…this is a little strange.

While I was looking at your big warrior I thought there was something wrong with it : why such a big fellow like him uses so little weapons ? Of course, this is possible, nearly everything is, but considering that, the scene has less impact.

Another thing strange (I’m sorry :blush:) is the angle between the hilt of his sword and the blade of that same sword. The edge of the blade is facing the background but the hilt indicates that it should be facing the left part of the composition.

However, I love the mood, colors and textures (and this is true :smiley: ).
I could also add that my favorite character is the warrior in the lower left corner.

Good luck ! :buttrock:


keep it up… would like an answer for the aboe tho


hmm i think the colours are a tad to vibrant for the sort of scene u drew.

but thats only my opinion.


i agree, also, i thnk the guys too barbaric looking to hold such an intricate sword, just an idea. overall, awesome details, great job!!


I like your style ! Wow fantastic details ! :thumbsup:


Wil: Thank you for your comments, perhaps that changes will come, to
improve the depth.

sho-nuff: Thank you for your comments, I also like the cover of Conan,
I is some one at home.

Cha0t1c1: Thank you for your follow-ups and witty remarks.

Wairus: thank you for your comments, I also waits to see what it will
give to the end.

BlacKeri: thank you for your follow-up and encouragements.

Artjunkie: thank you for your comments, the details are small animal
which tames down with patience.

Deadly Forces: thank you for your comments and notices, for the queen
not it is not pregnant it is that I liked are small belly, but since
several speak to me about it I go measure it with the mode. For the
sword of the warrior, I to prefer a light and fast blade rather than a
large heavy sword with two hands, but it is debatable, I will rectify
the angle of the guard thank you to have seen it, thank you for your

Tilite: the queen is not pregnant it is that I liked are small belly,
but since several speak to me about it I go thank you measure it with
the mode for your followed.

Noob: thank you for your follow-up, I all is not included/understood
at your station, but the colors will give an other dimension to the

Arkinet: Thank you for your comments

Strike: thank you for the witty remarks and your followed;

I is still not been to repair for my ADSL, to afflict to be able to
look at all your stations and to comment on, but with 56k it is too
much slow, and its my telephone monopolizes, :banghead:


Details of the progression on the warrior


i mean the colours are a too bright, it looks as if maybe ur colours could be darker or more saturated.



The setting colors I continue removed the bottom because I have
another thing at the head to bring depth, to follow by CROM,


Ok, NOOS I included/understood but it is just necessary to have
patience, because all will evolve/move, thank you for your followed.


ofcourse i’m waiting…i know u are genius!


omg more details?
this is insane, great great work, I’m losing my wits(that’s very rare)…


pretty amazing work, I mean all the detail, I’m pretty sure you hear this all the time
when I looked at yours first sketches, was like, this look like some old masterpiece, it’ has that kind of style
I agree with others opinion, about Queen’s belly and the sword, also think the colors are to sharp,
one more thing is Queen’s face seems a little flat, I mean if you compare to the other faces,
they all have so much expression, and her’s I think to plane for being a key character :applause:


Such an in-dpeth piece full of action and color,movement,real alive and wild,primitive and I like the vibrant look…it fits to me…really always love to see your next steps…just real top level art…:buttrock:


Okay, I’ll wait for the next steps !
Good luck ! :bounce:


Neat perspective, fantastic caracters, and I love the style. But at the meoment it looks a little bit “busy”, hard to find where to focus my eye.

Good luck :smiley:



Your picture look great, master and servant feeling is strong…good…however i think that there is too many contraste on your work…Background is too contrasted in comparaison with foreground…too many details in background i think…but it’s just my feeling…



Hi, do I wish to have that kind of talent. But i still workin’ on it. =P
I really like your style: the details are amazing. I just can’t wait to see the end result…=0)