Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


Eric Tranchefeux has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Guards of the queen

For this project and challenge, of which I arrive at the end I wanted
of adventures of populated mysterious countries of strange beings and
great times fantastic, well on I thought of all these account of Edgar
Rice Burroughs with Tarzan, or Robert E Howard and Conan, and
the imageries who result from this, I have to keep a very great
admiration for Frazetta, it is I believe the first book of painting of
héroic fantasy which I opened and there as much I made “whouaa…” but
I am not alone with being it to fall under the charms from the Master,
I believe that some share that my to give desire for making this
trade, therefore with this painting without any claim I wanted to make
a great homage to all these large Mister who made me dream. For the
techniques realization although that made not badly of time which I
work numerically especially for my commands of customers my heart
remains attached to true the oil-base paint that I practise for my
pictures personnel, the odor, the grain of a fabric, finish it of a
varnish and the fact of creates a single original remains my greater
satisfaction, of this fact I am to apply to reproduce this feeling of
traditional work to which I am so much attached. I hope that the
development of this painting you with more and amused as much as has
me. I wish all the best with all the participant for their great
creations and this sharing if enriching between artists and says to
you can be with soon for other adventures graphics, by “CROM”



:buttrock: welcomee :buttrock:


I thought you Space Opera work was great, good luck with this one.



Good luck, sir!


Welcome back! I had you pegged for first in th GSO… so original

Pissst… can I have some of your imagination… you wont miss it.:deal: - good luck mate!


great to have you in the contest!


Bonne chance :wink:


Oui, bonne chance :slight_smile:


Welcome to ze challenge you detail demon :slight_smile:


Loved your space-opera.

Bonne chance par moi aussi.:bounce:


can’t wait to see ur work for this,ur last one was excellent!


Hi tranchefeux, and good luck:thumbsup:
content de te revoir pour une nouvelle excellence graphique


Hi tranchefeux,

I think we are going to see another great piece of art from you.
I can’t wait to see your first sketches.
I 'll follow your thread for sure.
Good luck ,:smiley:


Salut Monsieur tranchefeux!!!Excellent to see you in the contest,you did a excellent work on the last one,really liked it!!!all the luck and fun to you!!!Et à plus!!!


Let me see some sketches!!! Loved the Space Opera image, can’t wait for this one!


hmmm…good luck??? :smiley:


another very talented artist…great job on the space opera…and wish you all the best in this one :thumbsup:


come on my friend, don’t despare (désespérer)!
i am waiting for you.


Jei suis tres exite parceque vous avez entre le concours…Bonnne chance…:arteest:


Virtuoso speak french… a good news !!!

Tranchefeux, bonne chance ! I wish you all the best and with the souvenirs of you amazing work on GSO I will really follow your setps/entries… good luck!